Winter Birch Trees | Acrylic painting for beginners | #clive5art

Winter Birch Tree join me in the studio for this simple easy lesson if you have never painted before where we paint a simple yet effective landscape and snow fun even if you can paint so grab your brush and paint along In this Acrylic painting for beginners, lesson with #clive5art


Paints used in this Lesson:


Brushes Used

Short Flats 1/2″ 1/4″
Blending brush
Detail Brushes no 2, 4, 0.4
Filbert Brushes 2,4,8

Wet Pallet
Clive5art Medium Mix Formula see web site
Clive5art Liquid Clear
Water distilled
Roll of Kitchen Paper Towel
Cup of Welsh Brew Tea

Canvas or Board = 41cm x 30.5cm = 16″x12″
Canvas Conversions Cm to Inches

19cm x 12½cm = 7.5″ x 5″
20cm x 15cm = 8″ x 6″
23cm x 15cm = 9″ x 6″
25cm x 17.5cm = 10″ x 7″
25cm x 20cm = 10″ x 8″
30cm x 20cm = 12″ x 8″
30cm x 25cm = 12″ x 10″
38cm x 25cm = 15″ x 10″
41cm x 30.5cm = 16″x12″
45cm x 30.5cm = 18″x12″
51cm x 41cm = 20″x16″
76cm x 51cm = 30″ x 20″

Drawings can be found at


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TheDenrob says:

fantastic. will certainly try this one. thank you.

Ann Mitchell says:

Thank you for this tutorial, I will try it! :-)

tommy2444 says:

what a very nice easy painting to do and demo was fab too Clive

Gail Gassen says:

Love winters paintings & especially birch trees! Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone! Your the best!!

Hester Breedt says:

Thanks you are so friendly just love your teaching ways. God Bless.

sheila harvey says:

loved it. thank you

Cindy Chambers says:

Another great lesson! Thanks Clive!

LetsworshipKingJesus says:

Clive…. I don't paint with acrylics…. but rather with oils…. however I do find your videos inspiring and I do glean little nuggets of useful info from you… You do provide little helps that are useful in my own painting technique. Well done and keep on painting…. God bless you!!!

Patricia Colwell says:

learning from your video,you are a great teacher

donna patterson says:

Where you had a touch of blue in middle would be good place for lake…You always inspire me…Thanks!!!!

Kiersten Rosenthal says:

As always a great tutorial, in retrospect would you have laid a heavier snow ground prior to the application of the trees as opposed to trying to build around them? Just curious before I begin. I so thank you for all you give to us Clive, your gift is so gracious.

Victor Martinez says:

Fabuloso trabajo, una gran sorpresa del trabajo de un gran maestro ,gracias desde España

dottygin says:

thoroughly enjoyed this one clive, and I love your motto. I will be saying that regularly from now on. happy new year to you. xxxxx

Chris Carter says:

Like this painting ,  done it and added some deer in the right side,  my wife wants to use it next year for Christmas cards.  Thanks for your commitment to helping us learn to paint, Great site.  Happy New Year.

angela maxwell says:

I've started this one love it! Thanks Clive and Happy new Year!

Dawn Durantos says:

gorgeous painting i really like how it compliments your autumn birch painting

Brian Leggett says:

I love to pant in watercolours but going to try acrylic, I found how it has helped with my therapy after my stroke.
but will not give up Watercolour but can me a preparation to help put watercolour on canves

Sheila Hollis says:

Another great lesson Clive.

Oma's Thoughts says:

As a beginner painter and retired Rn I relate to the fact that paintings go through stages. Wounds go through stages also often looking worse before they look better. Thank you for your encouraging tips.

Rosemary Trautloff says:

Thanks Clive, great job as always, I so enjoy your paintings

Rose Ryan says:

I love birch trees and living in Florida, where snow is scarce, I love snow scenes. I might not love them if I had to trudge through them on a daily basis lol. This is just a lovely little serene landscape. Thanks so much for all your effort on our behalf.

reikibee says:

Thanks for another great lesson.. I love birch trees they are one of my favorites as it is also my mum's maid name.. lol… thanks for sharing I will be painting some in the near future .. Cheers Mel.

Wendy Hagborg says:

Very nice Clive!! Thank you for another wonderful lesson! :)

Ria van der Voort says:

Love the lesson again, your the best

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