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In this lesson I invite you to join me in this special private moment where I use relaxing, music, and spoken meditation, in this chakra,
color, art therapy, lesson positive thinking, and positive art therapy,
is what I do to relax in this Acrylic painting for beginners, lesson in the studio with #clive5art
Paints used in this Lesson:





Brushes Used

Short Flats

Filbert Brushes
No 2 4

Blending brush,
Script liner

30cm x 25cm = 12″ x 10″ canvas

Wet Pallet

Clive5art Medium Mix Formula see web site
Clive5art Liquid Clear

Water distilled
Roll of Kitchen Paper Towel
Cup of Welsh Brew Tea
Canvas Conversions Cm to Inches

19cm x 12½cm = 7.5″ x 5″
20cm x 15cm = 8″ x 6″
23cm x 15cm = 9″ x 6″
25cm x 17.5cm = 10″ x 7″
25cm x 20cm = 10″ x 8″
30cm x 20cm = 12″ x 8″
30cm x 25cm = 12″ x 10″
38cm x 25cm = 15″ x 10″
41cm x 30.5cm = 16″x12″
45cm x 30.5cm = 18″x12″
51cm x 41cm = 20″x16″
76cm x 51cm = 30″ x 20″

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Kerri Ribik says:

Thank you

Milagros Rivera says:

Wow I really enjoy this it really touch me of everything I gone threw my life going to do it tomorrow thanks happy you feel better God Bless

Laurie Van Horne says:

Beautiful on so many levels! I, too, practice Reiki and this is a lovely representation of it. You continue to be full of surprises and inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing, Clive. All the best to you and your family!

Susan Bishop says:

I will be doing this one. I am very much on board with you when it comes to the energy that we all have. Even though we don't feel it some times … each person has the same amount of energy in them that is in the biggest man made bomb ever made. And as Einstein said…energy can never be destroyed. We are all much more powerful than we think. And mentally we can control much more that goes on in our body than we think. Thanks so much for this painting Clive. :)

Maria Kellner says:

watching you now,for your legs circulation you may try the socks that some wear when flying, elastasized type ,or what one needs to wear when in hospital,i use meditaition for chronic back pain,it does helps when i do so it breaks the pain cycle.tfs

2muchRnR says:

You are a pleasure to watch with your calm, peaceful demeanor! Your step-by-step approach is truly great and it makes painting the piece so doable! Thank you so much!

Judith Cook says:

I use my painting time to relax and help me to block pain It is suprising how filling your mind with something other than THE problem is so theraputic, wishing you well Clive

bonita reader says:

Thanks for sharing this! I adore this and look forward to creating my own.

Muktha van de Weijgaert says:

Thank you soooo much for sharing!!! Love your painting

Cindy Chambers says:

I'm watching you paint this right now, and listening to you. I'm sorry your legs are bothering you Clive! Mine aren't in good shape either, so I understand completely. Thanks for sharing this painting with us!

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