Speed Drawing: a bag of Skittles – Hyperrealistic art

Speed Drawing: a bag of Skittles – Hyper realistic art

Drawn by: Megan

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Pikachicaloo says:

:0 ohhhh meh god!!!!!! This looks amazing!!!!

*.:Quiltz:.* says:

I am shocked.
Good job :D

SpiderJess1604 :3 says:


Acidic Hobo says:

How do people do this!

Libby Haynes says:

waw that's amazing

NinjaKatzchen says:

Love it, you are such a professional!!!

Neil Oakey says:

Wow this is sooo awesome… The finished drawing looks like its floating off the page.. wow

Ella Everything says:

Incredible! How old are you?

JKDoe says:

Whoa, thats awesome! O.o

Opal Drawz says:

that's just awesome!!!!!!!

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