Speed Art: How to draw Predator Hyperrealistic art (рисуем Хищника)

How I was drawing Predator, one of the best in in history of cinema character. Alien versus Predator, and predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger
It took me 8h, 30 mins to draw it.

I was using flomasters, watercolors, color pencils, promarkers, ball pencils, guash and aerograph.

My contacts:
FB: https://facebook.com/saules.dievas.art
VK: http://vk.com/sauliusart

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How to draw - Easy drawing tutorials says:

Your drawing is very nice!

DrawculaTV says:

Very cool! New subscriber here :)

Game Guru says:


Anti Hero says:

This drawing looks like Predator is actually 3D, wich makes it look hyper realistic as the title says. You got a Legendary talent not many people have and one day, you and your talent, will rise and be strong in the art community. This drawing made my jaw drop.

Kevin Gamer says:

That was really good dude I'm really impressed

Gonzalo Sirotich says:

Thanks!!! It's nice! May I ask you what do you use for brights and very whites?

Aiman Hamidi says:

Shot!! another art legend this is not going to be easy for me to bit this dude. I like your skill dude good job.

Shy Wills says:

Omg amazyng

Simon Carrick says:

is that watercolor that you use?? for the base?

jhxn. says:

Great work.

Bob Beerdek says:

this should have so many more views than it already has keep it up man

Lilibeth delos reyes says:

es jenial

HKEY TM Production says:


phoenixgaming 1412 says:

wow just amazing I subbed

phoenixgaming 1412 says:

wow just amazing I subbed

3DIY Original says:

super Coooolll

roberto caudillo says:

puede a ver un comentario en español

Rene Visser says:

a job well done !!

Catman 1904 says:

That Predator looked so real. It was literally coming off of the paper. That picture was awesome.

H O L L O W B O Y ホロー says:

gražu :)

CrypticssTV says:

What kind of pencils do you use for shading? Awesome drawing!

Toni Pringle says:

This is outstanding…you are very talented!

Alex SH says:

No words to describe this kind of talent

Ilyas Talaibekov says:


Oskaras says:

Butu puiku jeigu kurtu ir "Narrated" tutorial'u.

Клуб Имени Mr.Raedeo [Party_Hard] says:

Fury мне тоже понравился, молодец

Applero Rpg keron says:


Анна Ястребова says:

Очень круто!) Хочу так же!!!!!!!
Получается и правда очень реалистично)
Мне нравится*

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