Rain on the Beach | Full Lesson | Acrylic painting for beginner | #clive5art

This is a full lesson in painting with acrylic how to paint rain fall on a beach seascape lesson in acrylic in a fun informative manner with clive in the clive5art studio a local beach of ogmore south wales uk, I invite you to paint along with me in this painting with acrylics for beginners i look forward to see you in the #clive5art studio

Paints used in this Lesson:


Brushes Used

Short Flats
1″ 1/4″

Detail Brushes
No 2 4

Filbert Brushes
No 8

Blending brush,

51cm x 41cm = 20″x16 canvas

Wet Pallet
Clive5art Medium Mix Formula see web site www.clive5art.co.uk
Water distilled
Roll of Kitchen Paper Towel
Cup of Welsh Brew Tea
Canvas Conversions Cm to Inches

19cm x 12½cm = 7.5″ x 5″
20cm x 15cm = 8″ x 6″
23cm x 15cm = 9″ x 6″
25cm x 17.5cm = 10″ x 7″
25cm x 20cm = 10″ x 8″
30cm x 20cm = 12″ x 8″
30cm x 25cm = 12″ x 10″
38cm x 25cm = 15″ x 10″
41cm x 30.5cm = 16″x12″
45cm x 30.5cm = 18″x12″
51cm x 41cm = 20″x16″
76cm x 51cm = 30″ x 20″

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Pat Kelly says:

Love this. Reminds me of all my recent dog walks. Roll on Spring?

Marisela Dutra says:


MsEvelyn333 says:

What a GREAT video !! I learned so much and it's such a beautiful painting ! The way you did the rain is awesome ! I just love watching your video's and listening to you talk and explain what you are doing. Thank you so much and God Bless.

Cat Campbell says:

watching you paint is fascinating. thank you thank you

ROBIN ANN Katalan says:

Very nice, loved it… very educational for me…

juven Kramer says:

you make it look so easy , thank you for the lesson, beautiful work

Susan Bishop says:

That is a beautiful painting! I love the people on the beach. I wonder. Could a person do like Bob Ross does when making waves that are coming in on a beach by putting a roll of paint on the edge of a knife and do as he does? I know he uses oil but I wondered if acrylic would do the same thing. Say if a person had a closer view of the beach and he puts the waves on it and it looks like it is just so very much a wet beach by that technique. The waves that are flat on the beach just to show the layers of them on that dry part of the beach. lol I hope I explained that well enough. Now I am wafflin' on 😀 Thanks so much.

Krishna Chamarthi says:

Lovely :)

Mineralwasser says:

Again I learned something. Thank you for that! But still I am wondering how to paint rain like Pissarro for example (http://www.picturalissime.com/t/pissarro_opera_pluie_l.jpg) Its not meant as an offend, but I like his rainy pictures more and I would like to know how to do it like he did. So where´s the difference? Is it the brush, the type of colours or did he just spent more time on it?

pilotsmother says:

OH BOY!! Todays challenge, I am so excited, I must tell you, every painting of yours I've tried comes out so well, I am pleased, thanks Clive!

Anthony Dandrade says:

awsome! Thanks for sharing. Tony.

Ivan Dammash says:

Clive, I found this lesson most interesting and helpful. I do enjoy your lessons and videos a great deal, I am just a late starter and need all the help possible

chamoussette says:

I love it very very very ??

Texan1701 says:

thanks for the upload, your tutorials are helpful!

katiebob54 says:

Very helpful! Turned out beautiful. Thank you for posting.

Jean Maloney (RetierdLady) says:

Have followed you from the beginning when you were in the old studio. Thank you for introducing me to acrylics. I've learned so much.

horrorfan24 says:

Love it, Clive, great work. I also love that it's more advanced. Your beginner level paintings are lovely but it's fantastic to go on and expand on all that. It also really useful for those more experienced who are looking to further our skills. Thank you so much.

Fred says:

thank you Clive, once again, for a brilliant tutotial x

Jason Bowen says:

Love it good work. :)

Lawton Mainstone says:

Amazing video Clive and love the subject.Truly inspirational and might try it. Reminds me of the view from Uphill looking across the bay to wales. Just needs Steepholm island and we are there. Thanks for sharing this with us

Maria Kellner says:

Realy like the color palette,great demo.

Rosemary Trautloff says:

thank You Clive, its very inviting, makes me want to be on the beach, have a great day and God Bless

Fran Emami says:

Did you painted from a picture?

victoria cullen says:

How do you get your paint to behave almost like blending powders!  And when you don't want them to blend, they don't!  Mind don't behave at all.  Either to paint has dried before I get back to the spot I want to blend, or the spot I want to paint over is too wet!  And I paint along with you.  I guess one my big issues is that it is summer in Australia and I paint with the fan going full belt behind me!  This image is amazing and it is where I want to head as a painting – im a landscape photographer.

Wendy Hagborg says:

Love this one!! Somehow I got off on the wrong track so try, try again!!

Gail Bretz says:

Like – double like – triple LIKE!!

Roberta Sawatsky says:

Beautiful painting and great instructions.

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