Life Study made Easy, Acrylic painting,#clive5art

In this acrylic painting lesson I show you a simple easy way
to paint a subtle painting of the human form in acrylic painting step by step to learn some great tips in using acrylic painting techniques in the clive5art studio

In this Acrylic painting for beginners, lesson #CLIVE5ART studio I use

Wet Pallet
Clive5art Medium Mix Formula see web site
Clive5art Liquid Clear
Clive’s Flow Improver / Retarder
Clive’s Fine Mist Bottle
Water distilled
Roll of Kitchen Paper Towel
Cup of Welsh Brew Tea

Paints used in this Lesson:


CANVAS SIZE:- 30cm x 38cm = 12″ x 15″
Canvas Conversions Cm to Inches

19cm x 12½cm = 7.5″ x 5″
20cm x 15cm = 8″ x 6″
23cm x 15cm = 9″ x 6″
25cm x 17.5cm = 10″ x 7″
25cm x 20cm = 10″ x 8″
30cm x 20cm = 12″ x 8″
30cm x 25cm = 12″ x 10″
38cm x 25cm = 15″ x 10″
41cm x 30.5cm = 16″x12″
45cm x 30.5cm = 18″x12″
51cm x 41cm = 20″x16″
76cm x 51cm = 30″ x 20″

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Giovanna Scotti says:

beautiful lesson ! thank you!

Big C says:

Hi Clive,you said it normally takes you a couple of hours, but you didn't drink any Welsh Brew tea doing this! ??

Believe says:

I love your very decent advice that all young people should hear about having your husband or wife to pose. 🙂 We need to instill better values and modesty in this generation.

becky quick says:


Rose H says:

Hi Clive. I wish I can learn how to do this. This is beautiful!

Malika Taghi says:

je trouve votre façon de travaiier, tres interessante. merci .

RowanTree says:

Back in my Rugby days, when I had a better physique than I do now, I used to pose for a local art society, in turn I used to paint when others posed. Really helped me as an artist.

Rose Ryan says:

This would be a wonderful challenge to do. While I've done faces, I haven't tackled the human figure, except in a couple of drawings. This is a start for a beginner, but we know that it takes a while to master the proportions and skin tone and shading. This is a lovely tutorial to get started with and then it's up to each of us to develop our skills to carry the painting to the next level. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

D. Saunders says:

To fit the entire sketch on the canvas, you compressed the torso. her buttocks should have been further down, or the figure rendered a little smaller. Otherwise, a good example of mixing and blending, rendering shape, lights, and darks. And, pleasant company while I struggle in front of my own easel! Thanks, Clive!

Mary Jenkins says:

I love it, thank you

Carole Traynor says:

nice one clive ?

artzology says:

I love this! Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing! xo

Nicoleta Guetter says:

Beautiful ?

Ell Jacinto says:

Sir? I was wondering can I use fabric paint on canvass? It's really hard here to find some acrylic paint.

Lisa Lovely LPA says:

Very nice your videos , at first you are kinda silly lol which is ok but when you start painting wow lol

Love how you work the form first with simple colors.



Cindy Chambers says:

Wow Clive! She's BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for this great lesson.. I bet my hubby would love for me to paint her for him! He likes Blondes though, so I'd have to make her a blonde.. and I might add that I'M a redhead, lol

Rev Mark King says:

Very beautifully done thank you for your instructions

Becr8tive 21 says:

Nice job Clive

Gail A says:

Thanks, Clive!  Another great lesson!

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