Learn how to make hyper realistic paintings – Fabiano Millani

Learn how to make hyper realistic paintings
Video lessons on DVD with Fabiano Millani
Pre sale promotional value, the first 100 units
Email: fabianomillani@gmail.com

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Lincoln Sousa says:

Quando será lançado o DVD?

Leandro Pereira says:

Fantástico… já ansioso aguardando lançamento do DVD. espero que seja primeiro de muitos.

Lluvia says:

music¿¿¿ name?

Shedz Channel says:

i love your videos and of course the awesome work you produce!
aprox how many hours would you spend on a painting like this one please?

Aydan1971 says:

you have incredibly super real master hands ?????

Catt Vaughn says:

First I wanted to say THANK YOU for putting the american words at the bottom, so I know what you are saying. thank you so much. I am such a fan as always!! I am an artist, but painting faces like you, I will never be able to do. I love your work and look for to any videos in the future……

Eduardo ledger says:

Não achei que fosse brasileiro!!! kkk

Mauricio Freire says:

Fodarastico !!!

Андрей Лукин says:

teach me=)

Rick Webb says:

Wonderful….I would like to purchase one or more of your instructional dvd. How can i order?

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