Inkscape Tutorial 6 – 3D Shading

Tutorial 6 – 3D Shading
Colouring 2D shapes to create spheres, cylinders, and putting light spots on a drawing of Tux

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Scrub Chan says:

Thank you so much!

Awesome design says:

great job

Gustavo Hernandez says:

How do you do floral swirl designs on the new version. I trieed but i went back to the old version because I couldn't

11karotte says:

for the light reflection I always draw any shape I want to and then add blur. It has the same effect but is less clicking. 🙂
Great tutorial by the way! Thank you. :)

GPC™ says:

wrap image or text on the surface of that cylinder.

Rod OReilly says:

Excellent presentation! Thank you for getting to the point.

MakeShift720 says:


Miguel Ponce says:

Thanks a lot!

RevPhD says:

Thanks for doing these tutorials. I was afraid to try and get into this program until I watched these. A lot of help!

Glenn Engel says:

Can you do the cylinder gradients with a white gradient? I'm wondering if you can make a generic 3d shaded cylinder and just change the one base color on the fill to have different colors.

ketoveta says:

Great tutorial, thanks.

star lord says:

holy shit your are under rated

Bobby Hollis says:

You are very good at this….and I know it would bore the hell out of you to do so…but could you please slow down on any more that you add?…..trying to do these with you, and you move so fast, by the time I find the button I''m supposed to push, you are already 3 steps ahead of me….The tutorials are very helpfull by the way..

d0brien says:

Great tutorial. What screencap app did you use?

adman500 says:

@quidsup ok, i'll have a look at that, thanks!

adman500 says:

thanks for the tutorial, are white sphere gradients the best way to show light direction? would arches or crescent moon shapes with or without gradients work?

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