Hyperrealistic Art: U.S Artist draws Hyperrealistic paintings impossible to tell apart from photos

Love the lighting in these photography shots?

They become even more awe-inspiring at the realisation that they’re paintings, and someone spent between 50 to 300 hours painstakingly creating them.

Patrick Kramer is a 33-year-old artist hailing from Springville, Utah, who specialises in remarkably hyper-realistic paintings.

It’s almost impossible to tell that Kramer’s flawless creations are in fact oil paintings due to their incredible pin-sharp detail and clarity.

His portrayals vary between vivid city scenes, still-life objects, portraits and breathtaking motion-shots.

As well as his portfolio of hyper-realistic paintings, he also constructs more surreal variations on still life, involving insects or inanimate objects in front of a background.

One of his images is an imitation of the cover art for musician Drake’s 2013 album, Nothing Was the Same.

The U S artist works from photos and builds up delicate layers of oil paint on a board or canvas. This allows him to add controlled detail and subtle shadowing, which appear almost three-dimensional in the pieces of artwork.

Kramer has admitted that an oil painting can take anywhere between 50 to 300 hours (one to six weeks) to complete.

The length of time taken depends entirely on the size of the painting and the level of detail. The 33-year-old artist has admitted that this type of artwork suits his precise preferences and personality.

Kramer said: ‚Being a perfectionist, I have always been considering art as an outlet for my slightly obsessive personality.

The artist’s background and education was also important in honing his interests.

‚I studied painting in college, and experimented with hyper realism as a way of perfecting my craft.

‚I never intended to pursue the style, but found it hard to give up, as it suited my nature.‘

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