How to Paint Magnolia in Sumi Ink and Water Chinese Brush Painting

This video shows you how to load the brush to get gradation from light to dark, instead of from dark to light.
Medium: Ground Ink on Rice Paper, Coombination Soft Hair and Stiff Synthetic Hair Fountain Brushes, Peach Sap Glue Water.
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Suppawan N. (Elixir) says:

Thank you…I love it

Amy Elizabeth says:

EVERY WEEK?! Awesome.

Henry Li says:

@bbornets Hi, Barbara, the "tape" is "Book Cloth" you can find it in some art stores, paper specialty stores and buy them online (search for key word "paper cloth"). Yes they are permanent. Thanks!

Barbara Bornet says:

Hi Henry, I am still remembering the shikishi board book you made: what kind of tape did you use the put the boards together? Is that tape permanent?
Thanks. Barbara

Wylz says:

I really enjoy your channel!

demonokron says:

fantastic art im looking forward to the videos 5/5

Lisa OckGal Hansen says:

Happy New Year!

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