How to Paint Dahlia in Chinese Brush Painting with Sumi Ink and Watercolor on Cotton Xuan Rice Paper

This is a study of dahlia flowers in Chinese brush painting. The method is derived from the classical chrysanthemum painting. If you are interested in learning Chinese painting, I will be teaching an online class, which will cover the basic strokes and principles of composition in a step-by-step manner. For more info please visit

Materials List
1. Sheep Pro Brush:
2. Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours: rose(306), rouge(400), yellow(218), indigo(495) and dark green(591)
3. Chinese Chung Hwa ink
4. Cotton Xuan paper
5. Felt Pad
6 Magnetic white board and mini paperweights
7. Flower Palette
8. Brush rest

Chinese art supplies are available at



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J. Robert Darrell says:

Wow, so cool. Thanks for sharing! Mind if I ask where you obtained your kanji stamps? I cannot seem to find a manufacturer for them in the US.

Suzie Overman says:


Trudy Costa says:

thanks, very well done, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Melissa Z. says:


Vicki Wood says:

Absolutely delightful! 

giuseppa matraxia says:

Beautiful !!!!!!!!

Nhung Nguyen says:

so amazing, i love urs painting 

Fanny Tovar Guerra says:


Дмитрий ВК says:


eikoow01 says:

I was in Pure Rapture watching you paint…you are an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Kimberly Krieger says:

I like the brush techniques you use it makes painting so much easier.

Tiina Birgitta Raisanen says:

Beautiful colours, the red accent in the greens makes all the difference

Henry Li says:

I use Chinese white and indigo or Phthalocyanine Blue Marie's Chinese painting colours(which you can find at our store). Sorry i don't understand Fench but I have many students who speaks French so if you take my online class they can help you too. :-)

locca1 says:

i couldn't agree more

misstifler says:

U are great!!! Keeper up the good work greetings from Germany:)

John Robles says:

how i wish you were my art teacher :/
Lovee love the painting , great job!

jackie nguyen says:

Love itttt

Henry Li says:

Thanks for all your encouragements!

Larry Nelson says:

that was so free and eloquently done, very beautiful painting–thanks for sharing

pam hughes says:

Fascinating to watch and I love the results of your skill, thank you.

Kitty Kit Lee says:

amazing technique!

Meredith Cooley says:

Hi Henry… did you go to Horace Mann elementary school in Washington DC? 

oso27 says:

Muy buen trabajo, lo felicito, saludos.
Hernán Oneto de Perú

Jean Carlos says:

I love your paintings
i wanna know, do you bought your brushes? or you made them?

Henry Li says:

@yueguishu I meant the "Rose" color in Marie's new color series. Not Carmine. You can find it as an individual tube at our online store BlueHeronArts. 

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