How to paint Cherry Blossom Tree with Acrylic. Textured. Demo. Baum malen mit Acrylfarben by ilonka

How to paint a Textured Cherry Blossom Tree with Acrylic Paint. Speed Tutorial. Demo. Video. Mit Acrylfarbe einen Baum und 3D Blüten malen bzw. spachteln.
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Crafting says:

Extremely beautiful. You make it look easy because you do it so adeptly. You are vey talented.

Jon Akers says:

I love this painting! I was recently asked to paint something similar, but do not know the process because I am not fimilar with the technique and style. If I could ask you a few questions about the process:I read that you used heavy bodied acrylic paint. Did you also add in high gloss?Once you placed your background, did you let it dry before painting in the tree? Once the tree was painted, was the entire painting dry before you added the flowers? I am nervous about painting this. I am eager to hear back from you and your advice.

Priya Kumar says:

Can you please tell us of the supplies you used?

This is so beautiful

Reni goes scribble says:

großartige Arbeit! aber man braucht bestimmt massig Farbe, wieviel in etwa?

Ian Carr says:

perfection in every stroke, great work ilonka.

Ghousia Chaudry says:


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