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Do you want to learn how to draw effects and different materials? Today I would teach you to draw, step by step, a drop of water, and I’ll show you who to apply this technic to a work of art. It is a realism challenge.

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List of materials:

Lead holder with an H lead
Kneaded eraser
Soft, synthetic brush
Gray toned paper

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By Leonardo Pereznieto

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как рисовать капли воды
як малювати краплі води
كيفية رسم قطرة ماء
hoe je een waterdruppel te trekken
comment dessiner une goutte d’eau
Wie zeichnet man eine Wasser-Tropfen
come disegnare una goccia d’acqua
jak narysować kroplę wody
como desenhar uma gota de água
cum să atragă o picătură de apă
hogyan kell felhívni a vízcsepp
cum să atragă o picătură de apă
hoe je een waterdruppel te trekken
Cara melukis titisan air langkah demi langkah
Como Desenhar uma Gota de Água Passo a Passo
Hvordan tegne en vanndråpe steg for steg
Как да Нарисуваме Капка Вода Стъпка по Стъпка
Kako nacrtati kap vode – korak po korak
물방울 단계별로 그리기
איך לצייר טיפת מים שלב אחרי שלב

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Andriansyah Babul says:


raghda khater says:

Fabulous . One of the finest I've seen. You have breathtaking talent. Can you tell me the type of raw materials used by their names ?? I hope to become like you

Marie Gamber says:

Wonderful tutorial. I will practice this today! Thank you for sharing! Big thumbs up! Marie

nilesh sanap says:

cooooooool broo. ; )

Addy Hase says:


Daniele Basilavecchia says:

The painting I liked the most is the second… Each one of the 320 drops it has got doesn't seem painted, the painter has been really careful in making the same hues that the drops leave when they're falling by a glass… It can be confused with a real photo…. GORGEOUS!! LOVE THIS… <3

kemal zlr says:

very cool!

xWARVICx says:

these are the paintings which should be sold at million dollars instead of those meaningless shapeless paintings

AJ Angeles says:

i wish i had money to buy these materials :(

Apokhalyps hx says:

how could i do that

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