How to draw a Snickers bar

3d illusion drawing time lapse: How to draw and color a bar of Snickers, mixed media on gray paper by Marcello Barenghi – Italian Art

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„Coconut water“ by Dan-O at („Package“ Licence)

4 hours and 43 minutes

Guarda come disegno una barraq di cioccolato Snickers usando matite colorate e pennarelli.

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Lol Kay says:

I feel like you make millions off these for doing it for companies. I mean theres very few talented people like you.

سامي سالم الصالحين says:

خبر شين

Hernan Rebolledo says:

Muy genial que bueno es

최하영 says:

어떡해 이렇게 잘 그릴수가 있어요?

Cartoon 360 says:

it made my day and my hunger =)

Rainbowtail says:

I'm hungry xD

Pearl Johnson says:

i soon want to grab it from the screen and eat it. oh wait, allergic to nuts and fish and wool

Pearl Johnson says:

OMG you are so good at drawing stuff. i am literally TERRIBLE. i try to draw something and it ends up looking like a blob of poop.

_TheGamerAlexOfficialChannel_ TV says:

Marcello ma tu aggiungi l effect veloce o davvero ci metti 3 min

Squishy Panda says:

(Slams snickers on table) MOM I MADE ART

sir random says:

bad details but all the rest of the videos are good

Sovietball says:

you're not you when you're hungry

iiGamerFantom says:

well great now I want a snickers lol

리메 says:

우와 화가네여
ㅎㅎ 그림의신님^^

Random Things says:

i know why people disliked this

they cant eat/draw it

الوردة البيضاء says:

very fast but was slow is very good

Jackson Fang says:

looks better than the real one. and bigger

Kasper Og William t says:


Steff&Stuff says:

Great! Check out my drawing videos


Mees smeltekop says:

It taste like shit

boss gaming boom says:

why draw with all the details when you can just draw a stick man eating a brown sqare

Strike Blade - Comedy says:

This is a less "How to draw" video, and more of a "Person drawing realistic things for your satisfying entertainment of the day" sorta video

Christopher Lacaden says:

its not how to draw its a speed draw

Anoop Thawait says:

I m speechless

Baked Potato Realness says:

We watched this in art class along with some others and I now realize it could work as asmr yay asmr in art class bitches

The Last Packycephalosaurus says:

Am I the only 1 that thought the thumbnail was fake? xD

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