How to draw a hyper realistic heart-colored pencil tutorial

Hello guys, thank you for watching my Drawing a hyper realistic heart video with colored pencils, i hope you’all enjoyed the video and learnt something maybe. Feel free to drop a comment and don’t forget to hit the like button and please share to keep supporting me.
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See you soon!!!!
Materials: Faber castell pencils
Pelican makers

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Anita Froese says:

That is so freaking amazing!!

Mat Thew says:

This is awesome! Good job mate!

Steven Chow says:

Wonderful tutorial! thanks. I have a great set of colored pencils and pastels: now I can make a very good use of them! I think a set of tool is needed for accomplishing a good painting.

Dontfckcare says:

apart from the unbelievable amazing drawing skills, wouldn't it be a little unhealthy if a "realistic heart" would be colored like that? i saw a real heart, and i can't remember any blue-ish pieces. But i could be wrong, of course.

Corbie Lucha-Burns says:

could you provide a list of the colors?

Chelsea Niesel says:

Can you do tutorial on show how to color skin and hair for realism.but slow tutorial.maybe like today or tommorw

polo rolo says:

You seriously need more publicity you are absolutely amazing and that's an under statement!! Well done!!

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