Drawing time lapse: shiny apple – hyperrealistic art


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This drawing took me:
2 hours and 43 minutes

Hyperrealistic drawing of a shiny apple, mixed media on gray paper by Marcello Barenghi – Italian Art.

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Marlon Sibal says:

There amzing😱

Ga Ga says:

how come you people are so talented? ? :O

Matthew Gage says:

that music is the theme for sml

Binoy Amin says:

It's amazing Indeed !

CrazyMegaAether says:

Судя по голосованию, нормальных людей все же больше, чем идиотов.

genzi cho says:

was it air brush you used for last touch up for the shadow ? it looks different from the ones I used to use. could you share the source please?

00 1 says:

Was that strong black line actually around the stalk

Charlie Vine says:

Hé hé,toujours aussi beau !!!

Ana Cruz says:

That's very, very good…

C. Maree Harris says:


Manish Bhati says:

i don't have words to explain

Manish Bhati says:

it's awesome

tanya p says:

When I draw an apple I do a circle with a line on the top, colour it green then leave a tiny bit to make so shine but I end up filling that gap. in.

Rro100 RomKA says:


SparkleFairy says:

Wow! One min the apple was matt next it was glossy! I had to rewind to find where that happened. You are an amazing artist. I am inspired :)

Wenceslao veliz atencio says:

Un maestro del dibujo

Андрей Рущак says:

Eго не отлечиш от настоящего

Miku lim says:

Oh my god! I saw this video in my art lesson! This is so awesome!

Alin Enache says:

You are more than Picasso! You're THE Zeus of drawing!

Paul Tasmock says:

GG man u are awesome.. please upload a tutorial how to  do that and what pencils u use .. please .. THX!!

KNMP says:

this is my goal

Antman2000 says:

Holy fuck ima do this for my art project thanks dude ur the best

A Billal (HorrorCetic) says:

I blinked for like a second, that stem came out of nowhere. You sir, are the modern day Picasso. 

Elisabeth says:

am I the only one who's already heard this song somewhere else but can't remember where?

Lunna Von Lley says:

The italian Chuck Norris…

Natasa Mandalinic says:

Amazing !!!

Matteo F. says:


Ranjan Biswas says:


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