Drawing Amazing Sugar Candy – Lollipop – Hyperrealistic art

3D illusion hyperrealistic art, Drawing a Sugar Candy – Lollipop (Hyper realistic art -Time Lapse) by Nataly Pavlova. (Full HD)

This drawing took me 2.5 hour. Here’s a time lapse video showing the full drawing process.

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Nataly Pavlova 2014 – 2015 ©

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Christoph K. says:

looks really good!

Николай Шерхан says:

Вам на Лайк.ру надо с таким талантом!!

Emmy &Art says:

Omg. Mega awesome! !!! Now I check. Out it channel: )

Lguillaume says:

why why why too much speed and i can't see your hand lol
very beautiful i like see your vidéo but too speed 

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