DIY 3D Ladder – How To Draw Ladder Optical Illusion

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In this video tutorial I show how to draw optical illusion – 3D Ladder. Choose the right angle and you will see the visual illusion in the picture – the ladder casts a shadow on the „wall“ and the „floor“. But in real, it just drawn on flat common printer paper. To draw this 3D optical illusion you will need a ruler, a pencil, a pen and an eraser. This 3D ladder is not just for fun, by the way, it’s a great drawing for greeting cards! Draw the scheme as it shown in the video and you will get the real magic. Good luck!

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Katie Reid says:

my gawld my eyes are fuzing up

Katie Reid says:

my gawld my eyes are fuzing up

L J H Arts says:

muito bom!!

Michelle Tan says:

Can draw a 3D optical illusion tree?

Shar Vin says:

size of paper?

Gopikrishnan Pr says:

super best i also did it thank you idunn goddess. kylee x3 ,you felt it like a waste of time because you cant draw

Andrew Bennett says:

Could you draw it again, but this time something leaning on it?

Diamond minecart// DanTDM says:

Oh my G it's awesome dude

Avani Phansalkar says:

Really amazing!! Btw that dog is cute;)

Navla Budi Syafira says:

kok gk sama ???

Godeliva Chikass says:

use your ruler oh my god

cute kokone says:

+Marissa Springstell its new IdunnGodness drawing is very COOL you now ? #drawing3d

cute kokone says:

very cool

Amina Jashar says:

Very veruy good good 

Mohd Muzammil says:

I did.. ? it is easy….

Roi Nathaniel Ballesteros says:

nice tutorial

Hgfjvgvhg Kkvfkvgvh says:

#دعم_ثنيان_خالد thanyan is a famus young make change we want to have 1m supscryp. follow hem

‫فهد العلياني‬‎ says:


marcia silva says:


Nic Delgado says:

Where do I find this paper?

Philip Racek says:

Thanks for the step by step for this!

Ramin Salam says:

I made it twice by the same method but it didn't had such 3D effect.

Jojo_Newton Pacced_Out_Pacman says:

This is epic

Catherine moharib says:

I tried it and it didn't look anything like yours

Caravan 209 says:

that's amazing

Learning Zone says:

your fingers are very nice

isma ismail says:

so creative! drawing this makes me feel like a pro lmao

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