Crazy realistic drawing Pepsi can

This is a realistic DRAWING, watch me draw this Pepsi can!
How to draw a Pepsi can, mixed media on gray paper by Marcello Barenghi – Italian Art.

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3 hours and 12 minutes

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AG10 freeks says:

pls tutorial pls pls pls

Angel Renoir says:

the highlights and reflections really do make the best realistic drawing, though… wow (^-^).

DumbDeric says:

Ummm… wow I thought that he exaggerated the thumbnail… apparently not

YumYumPotato says:

this is so awesome

Iwillkillyoutwice says:

its videos like this that restore my faith in humanity

antonio alejo says:

artist realistic drawing

how to do stuff says:

l will like to know we're he get all the stuff from

Melonisgone says:

How long did this take please tell me

I_hILARIOUSRB_21 says:

How long did it really take

J K says:

At first I thought it was an actual can

MG CS:GO And More! says:

Omg How im so confused your a magican how??? U gotts teach me how to draw like that

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