Bluebird | painting with acrylic | step by step |

Bluebird This full step by step learn to paint in acrylic Lesson is a fun easy way to paint.

If you’re looking for a painting tutorial that is easy to follow in acrylics on Canvas let #CLIVE5ART show you step by step how to paint Bluebird is the video for you!!

so grab your brush and paint along in this step by step acrylic painting lesson

Below is a list of materials. The links go through my Amazon Affiliate program, and you support me when using them. These are link to make thing easy and convenient.


Pro-Art Nylon Artist Select Short Handle Brush Tub Assortment 12 kg Synthetic Acrylic

Standard brushes used during the lesson by various manufacturers
Selection of
Short Flats 1″ 1/2″
Rounds from 0.1 up to no 4
Filberts from no2 up to no 8

Clive5art Brushes go to
Blender 1″ & 1/2″
Script Liner
Foliage Brushes
Paints used in this Lesson:
Windsor & Newton 120ml Galleria Acrylic Paint


Wet Pallet
Clive5art Medium Mix Formula see web site
Clive5art Liquid Clear
Clive’s Flow Improver / Retarder
Clive’s Fine Mist Bottle
Water distilled
Roll of Kitchen Paper Towel
Cup of Welsh Brew Tea

CANVAS SIZE used this lesson:- 15 x 12

Drawings can be found at

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Copyright info: Any video which mentions that the content or subject matter is a unique or original work, for example my own work that is clive powell of clive5art and is shown as a teaching aid copying and distributing such artwork in part or full will be breach of my copyright.

I ask that you contact me directly to get permission if you want to use this content in your own work lessons study groups or any other public matter, selling of my original art work as a direct copy or elements of such original work is not permitted however you may use it to practice my methods and follow along with my lessons. please contact me if you are unsure of any facts.

Feel free to embed the videos as is, but please do not alter, remove watermarks, re-upload or otherwise change the original video as this will break the copyright rules, Thank you.

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billy dennis says:

Really enjoy your videos, keep up the great work and i hope your mum is ok :)

Marion Armitage says:

Love the use of the sponge.. I struggled with a brush today trying to get the same result…Wishing your Mom a full recovery….

linda maula says:

Good job Clive ! Liked you using the stencil and sponge. Best wishes to your mom. Don't forget to take Molly for that walk

Susan Bishop says:

I love the idea of no paint brushes. I am not good with a paint brush. lol My thoughts and Prayers are with you and your Mom. She seemed like a very cool person from the video on your FB page. I laughed at the fun you were both having…what a wonderful video to have with her and you. Thanks so much for taking time out during this time. That is not easy to do…I know.

Amber (PixieMae08) says:

Thanks for this Clive. Love the snow & the stencil technique!
Praying for your mom and you. I know it's a very challenging situation to be in sometimes!

Nancy Ertan says:

Thanks for this lesson ??

Big C says:

That's a great mum telling you that, wish her well. It must be a thrill for her to see how popular you are.
Bad pun again were they cheep gloves from a chip shop. Sounded like that here, voice out of sync on this one.
Like the idea of a leopard someone suggested!

Luminita Barbu says:

Lovely. I like how you used the sponge to draw the branch. This is another way how to paint them. Thank you for sharing.

Cindy Chambers says:

Love this painting Clive, thanks so much for sharing.. and I'm sending prayers and well wishes for your mom and for you.

dsldg2 says:

That turned out so nice Clive, what a cool way to apply a ground..
and such a fun painting.. Well done….

Philip Stone says:

hi clive phil here again just a quick question water disposal can i use the wood pellet sort of cat litter thanks

Sherry Nesbit says:

Great to involve the kids & sponge. Well wishes & prayers for your mum. Thank her for sharing your time with us. Appreciated

Jacqueline Cole says:

I love this lesson Clive. And thank you for a video that can be done with children. My youngest daughter loves to paint with me. Now I can introduce her to you and she can paint along as well. Also sending well wishes and positive thoughts to you and your mother.

Leesa McClure says:

Hello from ☆Texas☆,
I love this painting and your such a wonderful teacher! Thanks for all you do. ♡
I have a request for Fall/Halloween/ Thanksgiving paintings. So ready for the season to change. Take care & Happy Painting. ♡

Robin Cote says:

I love this, and the use of a sponge is a great way to add interest

abc d says:

amazing .. I learn so much from you sir. . I have a request. can you please please pleeeeaasee upload a tutorial on how to paint a leopard. I dream almost daily of painting a leopard but when I wake up I just am clueless on how to paint it .

and lastly I love all your paintings 🙂 🙂

cheerrrzz :)

1948em says:

This is nice, Clive. Please send well wishes to your mom, from Northern California.

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