Awesome Hyperrealist Paintings!!

Fur Elise with marvels of Hyperrealist painters

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Amichai Da Artist says:

Wish I knew if it was real or not T:

BoboGumdrop says:

It makes you wonder, why not just take a picture? a lot easier than painting and is just as clear

rob b says:

outstanding !

1,000,225 0 says:

painting loses its value become photographie ! i will just take pictures instead !:)

T0mat0S0up says:

I think I could take a photo and claim its hyper realism :)

Li Ly says:

O_O Wow.

816nnm says:

i think 9fag is only for the mobile version :/

James Rogers Designs says:

Sorry but I also have a hard time noticing the difference between what could be a photograph or what is hyperralism, but that's supposed to be the point of this art form

SchaumbadSarah says:

you've never been to an art museum, have you? people have been drawing for thousands of years and those drawings or paintings here are marvelous, but they aren't the first hyperrealistic drawings ever.. XD

Normal Tim says:

That alyssa monks chick is legit!

Darkwatch22 says:

"Fur Elise with marvels of Hyperrealist painters" Where do you see that he states any of these are his? He's showing what hyperrealism paintings are and they're originals so unless these are paintings the artist used models for and then showed those models in a video or another picture, or told us what landscape or person he/she was painting, there is nothing to contrast this to. So just shut up and enjoy the art and if you don't think its real don't tear the uploader apart over it.

Elistr Knock says:

mother of art!

as ds says:

why not just google it? if multiple trustworthy sources confirm them then just take them to be real. after all youtube is not wikipedia, and you're not welcome.

Rasqueranal says:

9gag expanding knowledge since I´m a member… :D

‫שחר כץ‬‎ says:

Thumbs up if 9gag brought you here

Darkwatch22 says:

What is he going to contrast it to?

Alan G. says:

i try so hard but cant find any mistakes

Bobby Fullem says:

i wish hyperrealist painters would pick less bland subjects. they have photography level precision and can draw anything they can imagine. so why not leave the pictures of everyday stuff to actual photographers who can only take pictures of the world we live in and not the infinite worlds we can imagine

Richard Armstrong says:

i've only discovered hyperrealism today and can't get over the shock of these incredible works of art. i loved the pre-raphaelites realism until seeing these and other paintings and sculptures. my head is buzzing………..i need a cuppa. great vid.

nycboriqua90 says:

we do we need cameras lmao this is amazing 

iFARTyouDIE says:

the first painting was the best !!!

iFARTyouDIE says:

if these are reallly paintings… its hard to believe.

Alison Davies says:

Fantastic, I can only aspire to be this good.

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