AutoCAD 2013 Tutorial: How to Convert 2D to 3D Objects AutoCAD 2013 Tutorial: How to Convert 2D to 3D Objects

Learn how to take 2D drawing designs & ideas and turn them into digital 3D objects and prototypes transitioning from design to engineering. Watch this tutorial for a detailed overview of AutoCAD’s 3D modeling features.

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CottonCandyCorner says:

that is so cool

David Acosta says:

too fast!

Narsimha Murthy says:

HI…Answer me …
1)Which constrain report a measurement similar to a dimension obeject in autocad?
2)Using________ can simplify the organization of a complex block defination in autocad?

MovieClips says:

im selling autodesk autocab for very low price

Rafael yeah yeah says:

does someone know if the options extrude modeling is only on 3D version??? because im trying to make it and i cant, however my autocad is 2D

NEW_KID Latest says:

very helpful … please make another video but with 3D basis

Hani Aladmaai says:

for some reason the depth of the mug interior is not working, any ideas why?

Hani Aladmaai says:

I cannot thank you enough… I really appreciate it. I was stuck with a project that I am working for the past week, until I got across your video. I have little experience in Autocad and I needed it badly to create a prototype. Thanks a million

Abby Smith says:

You're a really great teacher! Very clear instructions.

Lara vdb says:

does anyone have the 2d design of the mug? i would like to try this.

Chris Sinsko says:

Maybe this isnt the best place to post it but im using autocad 2015 student version. I am familiar with autocad 2013 and had gotten this to work, however now using 2015 i cant get the presspull command to create the emptiness inside the mug and would like help, if at all possible.

Shrapner's place says:

i dont find the 3d modeling button

zep03 says:

can any body tell me what are and how to make those yellow and purple dotted lines pls?

Somboon Intaraprasert says:

Very nice

KinqVideolar Sağır says:

bokumu yeee

carlo delarosa says:

i oughta know

Berle G says:


Kennedy Kalimet says:

nice! easy to understand and detailed

AznDr4g0n41 says:

Hey, I know this video is old, but how do you do the purple axis lines you have on the mug?  I spent many hours looking for tutorials how to do it.  I was wondering if you could help me out.  Thanks!

ProgramLove says:

There should be a 2D tutorial on drawing this mug correctly so others can then move onto this vid. I'm having trouble drawing the arcs of the mug handle precisely.
Does anyone have advice on how to draw arc measurements, for instance the handle of this mug in 2D?
I know how to draw arcs, I'm just having difficulty drawing the coffee mug handle at the correct curvature.

morit037 says:

very helpful…thanks

Kutay Ayvali says:

Welldone but there is a problem. I think you know it too. I couldnt fix it. The handle of the cup is not unit with the body. there is a little space. Is there a solution ?

zaynab ali says:

Thanks u made a soo easy

rungrot nakkratoke (rot) says:


Max Von Wolf says:

The "Press-pull" command would only work for me if I was already in conceptual view.  If I used it in wireframe view, it would only create another cylinder.

Dave Niemeyer says:

Did you do something different during the "Press-Pull" command that I didn't notice, nor other people that commented?  This just results in another 3D cylinder but it needs to be subtracted from the larger cylinder.  Command:  SUBTRACT

Milissa E. Cheves says:

Very Helpful. Thank you so much.

PenguinJockey says:

Thanks for that quick but succinct instruction. You make it look so easy.

Mark Kingston says:

That was very helpful thank you.

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