Adobe Illustrator CC | 3D Logo Design Tutorial (Claw)

Here is another Illustrator Tutorial for 3D Logo Design from Kdigits using Adobe Illustrator CC. Through this tutorial you’ll learn, how to place same objects with different angle to make an attractive design. This design started with circle shape, then cut it into half moon shape, and gave a 3D look to place a cut section of half moon. I have used 4 copies of the 3d object. Then filled with gradient and added some details like Reflection, Drop Shadow, & Gradient filled background.
As always tutorial has been recorded in a very simple and easy to follow way, hope you’ll like it.

Happy Watching. . . |’◡’|

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sunny singh says:

pls make a logo for my school. Name:- Dev International Public School

Ali Rizvi says:

i wanna ask that did you first draw a sketch of this logo before making it on illustrator.

Tannel George says:

Trying to catch that gradient… hmmm

MrRadoRadev says:

Amazing, Big Ups, I managed to do it exactly like yours. I never used Adobe Illustrator or any other similar program. Thanks to your video tho, I got a pretty decent introduction, that allowed me to even tweak and experiment after I managed to recreate your designs.

‫محمد احمد رشاد‬‎ says:

please tell me how can you create those 2 color board on the left and how you but it on the left

Ashani Allen (Shaun) says:

Awesome video! Keep doing what you're doing.

Fo2ad Designs says:

dude you are the best

Carloss Javier says:

so simple yet so deep, amazing.. it's great when you know how to use the gradient tool

nnamdi amadi says:

Very awesome. Good work

HKE 12 says:

nice work

maghf0or says:

very professional you are ?

Kylie Cullen says:

Do you have a tutorial simply on how to use the gradient tool? I got a bit lost during that section, I would love to know how to better use it.

Viễn Quang says:

Pro, I like it. (y)

Eman Fathy says:

awesome :)

Luis Sanchez Salgado says:

some spoken tutorial?

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