Abstrakte Malerei, Acrylmalerei, Weisheitsgeschichte, Abstract Acrylic Painting, Time Lapse

Speedpainting, abstrakte Malerei, Acrylmalerei, Abstract Acrylic Painting, Time Lapse, http://www.brigittekoenig.de – Musik und Weisheitsgeschichte „Goldgesc…

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Lujean Martin says:

Just beautiful! It looks like the paints are speaking to eachother, telling
the next one where it should move to look best….paint communication, as
it were. Thank you for sharing this great technique!!! :)

Brigitte König says:

Abstrakte Malerei + Weisheitsgeschichte, Abstract Fluid Painting – ich
wünsche allen ein schönes Wochenende

Steven Morgan says:

Thanks Brigitte.. I’ve done about six after being inspired by looking at
your work and I love doing them.. Plus im getting better.. keep up the good
work x 

avila guimaraes says:

É muito lindo! Um verdadeiro show de cores.

Serap Arslankoç says:

hi, just amazing. Also thank you for sharing your materials. very kind and
greatness of you. Brigitte I couldn t see you on Saatchi, why don t you
share your art in there?

David Collett says:

very beautiful and inspired me to try it

Steven Morgan says:

These Colours work very well Brigitte.. Really like this one…Just out of
curiosity did you let the gesso dry before applying the colour? X 

DieWahreGilly says:

Tolles Werk! Meine Farben sind aber nie so flüssig! Wie machen Sie das,
bzw. woher haben Sie die Farben?

Bill K says:

Simply Beautiful, Brigitte ! I love the Red Black & Yellow.. From a
psychological respective Red & Black & Yellow & Black tend to represent
Creatively & Artistic Ability.. Red & Black also represent darkness &
evil.. Red & Yellow Warmth..
You inspired me again, so I’m sharing this on Google +
Take Care, Bill Kearney :-)

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