Abstract acrylic portrait Painting Speedpainting demonstration by zAcheR-fineT

Okaaaaaaaaay, this is one of my older works. I did it because there was a challenge for me: Paint a kind of large abstract portrait in under 10 minutes… But I lost! It took me 11 minutes. And additional, I was not satisfied at all. I think that is the reason, that I didn’t uploaded it before. But today, with some distance I think: Okay, not so bad to watch 😉 So I share it with you as an „happy-monday-evening-video“ 🙂 What do you think?

Okay, dies ist eine meiner älteren Arbeiten. Ich habe dies damals so aus einer Aufgabe heraus gemalt, die da lautete , eine Art abstraktes Portrait zu malen in unter 10 Minuten. Aber ich verlor- tatsächlich brauchte ich 11. Noch dazui aber war ich gar nicht zufrieden. Wahrscheinlich ist das der Grund, dass ich vorher noch nicht hochgeladen habe. Aber heute, mit etwas Abstand denke ich: Ooch, is doch trotzdem gar nicht so schlecht anzusehen 😉 Also teile ich es mit Euch als kleines „Happy-Montag-Abend-Video“ 🙂 Was denkt denn Ihr?


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Oscar DeLeon says:


anima lover says:

is the acrylic watered down

EllieDenise says:

Really beatutiful you should be proud ?

Sascha Mudge says:


Ann Mitchell says:


Fiorella Moran says:

que bello !! quisiera pintar asii ?

mara stevens says:

You made it look so simple oml. Absolutely amazing!

Cheryl Wilson says:

She is beautiful. I LOVE your art and have watched almost all the videos you have done. Please keep doing them, they inspire so many artists.

Reema Alsaud says:

Looooove it❤️❤️quick question .. how can I hang my canvas on the wall I tried many times but I always end up with my painting on the floor?

Rick Rogers says:

love it so intense

Donna Lueders says:

I had no idea you painted other than your abstract paintings I ALWAYS watch. I just happened to come upon your portrait ones. They are awesome!

Monique Gugenberger says:

Magnifique ?

Kaliaude Aude says:

What do I think ? Simple : I think you are a great artist ! I love watching your videos! When the next one?

Zoe Sharpe says:

love it! one day i hope to be as talented as you!

Seles Angelica says:

muy bonito

Dinesh Chawla says:

wow! I love your style! Keep up the good work!

Spellbound987 says:

Can I ask what are the spray cans you use, please?  Im wanting to try spray cans but I only ever see spray cans for cars, available!!!  Maybe this is what you use?  hugs Tibby xxxxx

Emily Graham says:

This is absolutely beautiful i love it soso much!! I want to learn to paint like that!!!



dominik13579 says:

it's ugly
hopefully she hasn't quit her day job

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