Abstract acrylic painting Demo – Abstrakte Malerei „Gedankenschleifen“ by Zacher-Finet

Just an other abstract work is created, now in the new studio where ist nothing for the moment- just my room for painting ;o)) I hope to can open the door fo…

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James Randall says:


Noel Sandino says:

Enjoyed this. Thank you. Very inspirational.


Love the music, colors, Art! 

Hanna S LAWINSKA says:

well done

Ronald Joseph says:


Joy Engelman says:

Fabulous! I would love to do a workshop – oh why are you so far away! But
thank you for sharing this video! Joy

Juan Carlos Segura says:

What’s in the bottle? Water?

annelise lund says:

Total inspiration, i love it

rebeccaviezel says:

What talent. Very inspiring for someone like me who’s started doing
abstract painting. :-D

Sharon Orf says:

Awesome Abstracts 

Dee Murray says:

First, beautiful work. I watch you work when I can’t get myself to paint
🙂 I was just wondering, what does the title mean in English?
(Gedankenschleifen) I tried searching it but didn’t come up with anything.

Sharon Doherty says:

Very exciting and spontaneous movement in this piece. Bravo!

Ryan Christensen says:


jeffsaysmeow says:

it’s clearly 9/11.

Michelle Faber says:

Wow!! This is really cool! Thank you for sharing!! I’m an up and coming
artist and trying to get myself out there…please check out my site for
speed painting videos and artwork! Cheers!!

Wopeltinger says:

Wunderschönes Gemälde! Ich persönliche hätte bei 2:40 aufgehört. Es gefiel
mir, dass die Farbe Ockergelb dominiert hat. Aber natürlich hat jeder ein
anderes Geschmack… Danke für die Inspiration! 🙂

Cheryl Renee Long says:

Oh Please!

lewandowski pierre says:

wunderbares Abstrakt … ich würde gerne im workshop kommen aber bin zu
weit 🙁

marley cat says:

this looks really spooky to me.. i love it:)

umakuntur says:

I liked board spots back that if art. the unplanned.

Megan Americanhorse says:


greg metcalfe says:

does anyone have this ladys email add?? or tell me how to contact her???

Kalin ArtAndSpirit says:

I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing your passion and process. A true artist
allows Spirit to flow through them and that is exactly what you do! I hope
you aren’t offended by definitions of what some don’t understand. You
definitely a gifted artist! Cheers and continued Good Luck ~: )


@mstan77us: thats the fun thing about art…literally everybody can make
„art“…but not everybody will like ur art..so wots ur point? if u dont
like it, then don´t but stop bitching around…i like it and i just started
painting, so i will take thias one as a palet to try my own one… thx for
ur vid mrs zacher…

Παναγιώτης Ελευθεριάδης says:


styles707 says:

Can i has it?

Gregory Gould says:

So accomplished, I’m amazed,thank you.

Cherinow Cheryl Johnson says:


Beatnik Blends says:

love the colors and shapes in this painting. song is really nice too!

MoonflowerViki says:


Pedro Ferro says:

It was finished at 0:29 in the vídeo!

chanellilewis says:

I love your paintings and i do watch all of them. In fact, you gave me the
inspiration to paint and i will get the strength from you… since i am new
to this world, i wanted to ask you, were u using oil or acrylic paint with
this? and are u using water to spray???i’d love to hear from you more.

Roseline Al oumami says:


ksanny1 says:

yeah, so cool ! take a look to my SPEEDPAINTING video>>> KSANNY 🙂

spiegelbild90 says:

Ah, just shut up, you stupid troll. We all know you aren’t an artist.

Vlada Morozov says:

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OilArtByStewart says:

great, check out oilartbystewart on youtube

annaletta28 says:

nulla nei confronti dell’artista, ci tengo a specificare , mi riferisco a
questo dipinto.

adam lewis says:

dude. lol. wtf? ive watched two of these now and i LOVE it. haha. great

flor encia says:

me gustó muchísimo!!!

farid banus says:

c tres baux j fait de la peinteure ja imerais bien y sa voire plus merci

305graffartist says:


romavo says:

Ich habe eben Ihre Videos auf YouTube entdeckt. Melidioso II &
Gedankenschleifen. Im Gegenteil zum dem Italiener finde ich beide die ich
gesehen habe sehr schoen. Vielen Dank

Saul Palos Rodriguez says:

she should of kept it how it was on 2:45 i tooked better in my opinion..its
nice though

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