850 HOURS DRAWING – HYPERREALISM Art – Depositio Maddalenae – Emanuele Dascanio – 4K resolution

Over 850 hours drawing:
„Depositio Maddalenae“
Charcoal and Graphite by LYRA
144 x 100 cm

*Facebook* https://www.facebook.com/EmanueleDascanioItalianPainterArtist

*INSTAGRAM* https://instagram.com/emanuele_dascanio/

*Video by Luca Pischedda* https://www.facebook.com/pages/Luca-Pischedda/101608683519600

Emanuele Dascanio was an Italian artist of only 31 years old but who has exhibited with artists of international fame and his works are present in various collections around the world, including Italy, Dublin, Brussels, Germany, Singapore, Monte Carlo.

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Virginia Holliday says:

Unbelievably beautiful!

Cindy Coy says:

Music very very beautiful

Cindy Coy says:

Well this is stunning to say the least~~~~*~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

EvenYou says:

thats soooooo coooool!

Ricardo Wíswell Gómez says:

Hi, How he gets the "total black" in some spaces?

Mr. Let's Draw says:

What is harder, to draw so beautiful or to draw so long?

Jared Mutia says:

imagine modeling for that guy..

Bazzaen says:

Absolute masterpiece


By the way, is that all pure rendering? you don't use brush or anything or smudging? And what kind and brand of paper you are using? Thanks in advance!


You are a Graphite god Dascanio. I am also a fan of graphite since I left watercolor, oil paint, acrylic and other mediums before. I saw the beauty and the artistry using only black and white with graphite. And now with this works of yours I began to force myself to have a perseverance in making all of my artworks, this is what lacks on me when using graphite. The perseverance. Usually I always rushing my works especially when it comes to commissions. Great videos, you're a a god of graphite!

Lizz Mancera says:

damn this is just breath taking …Your artwork is amazing!

BorderlineHippie says:

what paper does he use ?

Daryl S says:

The moment I realised I had no talent…nor patience.

Cecilia Morani says:


And Then says:

fucking genius

PuffOrsettoChan says:

so did this girl lay down for 850 hours?

Daniela Scarel says:


Roy Hopkins says:

Wow!!!! awesome, beautiful. There're "No" words to describe how good this Is… Love it .

Leyber atezcatzin says:

que hermoso

dan bristow says:

what did this sell for it is beyond words?

May H says:

WOW it took you 35 days and 10 hours?! AMAZING

tiochiche1 says:

Que tipo de papel usas? Un saludo desde España, genio.

Mark Conlan says:

that has got to be the best drawing i have ever seen..very very talented man

Serly Thomasian says:

You're truly an inspirational artist! I've never seen art work as beautiful as yours. As a painter myself, i consider your artwork exceptional and ideal. You're truly an idol and an amazing artist! Hats off for you!😍❤️

Ladyloca says:

Guauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Me niego a creer que eso sea un dibujo a lápiz. Eso es una fotografía en blanco y negro.

CHaotiksY GaminG says:

best hyperrealism drawing i've seen

Anastasja A. Art says:

This is absolutely unbelievable !!! Magnificent !!

yan zie says:

amazing artwork. i hope i can draw like that in the future. nice video sir

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