Sumi-e: How to make ink for your Japanese brush painting

Join Rebecca Cragg of Camellia Teas of Ottawa as she introduces you how to mix sumi or ink when doing sumi-e or sui-boku-ga painting in the traditional brush painting technique of Japan.

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Isaac Monnthorn says:

This was extremely useful thank u.

Bliss says:

Hi, I saw some sets are in JPY50,000 , 13,000 and even go up to 15000 so if said the ink stick? is no good/disintegrate easily/fast….. whats the price range? if a 15000 range become like this….. then i think i am better off buying them individually. thank u

Meyome012 says:

Yay!!! I did it!!! So excited my grandma got me a set for Christmas!

tiana major says:

know one hardly watches this

robdawg417 says:

what are the prices usually for a Very good one, and how can I make sure that it is Jet Black

Rodrigo Perez says:

Thank you very much . Im from Brazil , And the video was very helpful .

AntW11 says:

I really like your videos. You are clear about your topic and share your skill with love and patience for the viewer. I know that may sound corny, but, I am a school teacher and have to do teaching observations. You are outstanding. Thank you for posting.

aLT3cFTW says:

Great voice ^.^

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