Speed Drawing Painting How to draw a portrait from photo gemalt nach Foto in in dry brush technique

Oil painting in dry brush technique 6:24 my contact email and website. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Stefan_Pabst In this video you can…

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PortraitPainter Pabst says:

painted in dry brush technique in oil.
here video ——–Speed Drawing Painting How to draw a portrait from photo
gemalt nach Foto in in dry brush technique
or my website: http://www.portrait-gemalt-nach-foto.de

Michael Friese says:
TheGrim IsIn says:

Wow that’s amazing, I wish I could do that

Maria Hammarström says:

Incredible! *applause*

UAE2AE says:

I should be lucky if I could use the brush like you!

Kareman Mashharawi says:


ernesto frey says:

I wish i just had an ounce of that talent 

MsKeyass says:

anyways, u r amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing 

Tamara Ottaviani Art by Tamara says:

bello bravo complimenti :-)

Malin Kvitblik says:

40 minutes?! Holy crap, I spend about 10 ours on a portrait o.o I guess i
need to work on getting faster. Oh well, I guess speed comes with time and
practice :)

Sanja Arsovska says:

I just watch your videos OMG only this give me power to drawing you’re so
talented I wish I can draw this but I don’t know which brushes to use :(

2k2i2s2h2a says:

without pencil drawing before !! **_**

Audrey Klesta says:


Creativi333 says:

which paint you use?

iDesiPlays says:

0:12 Ich so: WAAS

Parag Pendharkar says:


a7tweetk says:

I’m laying in bad smoking life

Manisha Stöhr says:


eesa Jr says:


Amelia A.D. says:


Clare Brown says:

What an incredible artist you are, Stefan! First time I’ve seen this style.
Stunning photograph and even more stunning painting, I will be checking you
out further 🙂 Thankyou for sharing with us all, Clare

scarlett8895 says:

Wow, I’ve never seen this technique before, and I love it! :D

Viri B.M. says:

Wow amazing!!!!!!!! Such talent! God Bless! :)

Ambrosia Cunningham says:

Awesome. You’re very talented. 

HAPPYart says:

incredible painting!

Aloan Moreira says:

That paintbrush beats like a hummingbird’s wings! :D

Hiccups says:

Whoa, this is incredible. The whole time I was holding my breath thinking
‚lips lips lips how’s he going to do the lips??‘ I have a pretty big art
project due in about a week (and that I have to bring in tomorrow to be
checked on progress) and what I’ve been doing is a girls face in acrylic–
the only paint I have. This helped me so much, even though the technique is
totally different it’s making more sense to me where the colors and
everything go and how to place it all. Thank you thank you thank you so
much. I can only hope I’ll ever be able to paint like you.

bentley jade reborn reborns says:

beautiful you are so gifted i can draw but not as amazing as you still
working on getting all of my supplies 

katie60690 says:

better than the actual photo !!!

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