Selling Art : Useful Art Tips‼️ Hyperrealistic Painting Part2 W.W #59

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Nicole Rossi:

Painting Info
Artist:Jon Grim
Title: No Name Yet
Size: 40″ x 30″
Model: Powdah:
Mediums: Oil
W.I.P or Done: W.I.P
Featured artists
Artist: 3Modes
Title: –
Mediums: Marker
W.I.P or Done: Done
Artist: Psykotik_four
Title: Alien Xenomorph
Size: –
Mediums: Color Pencil, Molotow, Paint marker.
W.I.P or Done: Done
Artist: Neverabandonship
Title: Jango Fett Skull
Size: 8″x11″
Mediums: Fine Liner
W.I.P or Done: Done
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Titile :
W.I.P or Done:

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Jeff Kaale
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el prasb says:

Ur a master

Alex Aguilar says:

what song is this in the biggening

El Sutiv says:

I smoked crack whale watching this

El Sutiv says:

I smoked crack whale watching this

devin says:

hey, do you still twitch sorry . for some reason haven't watched your videos in awhile so I don't know. Don't know if you remember me but I have been a big fan for a couple years know and I told you about how I won Gold place in all of my middle school for a painting of mine. I'm going to be a freshman next year and I'm obviously taking art so wish you luck on this painting (if you're still working on it) and any other paintings in the future.

Uncrowned Potential says:

Thanks for the Tips, I'm a new Subscriber : I'm concerned in how much artist make because of how much I've heard that art does not lead you anywhere ? However i don't doubt my art I'm just looking on how to become successful in something i love !

Meleana Giorgio says:

Do you know any good printing places? I want to get some prints made of my art, but i have no idea where i can get some good prints for an affordable price

Alex Huang says:

can u please do a video on fine art or design

iRAWT Designs says:

Good stuff bro, keep up the great work!

Savvy Sebi says:

When you first started drawing did you suck or were you a good artist to start off

castleclash beast says:

name of backgroud sound?

Gvo graffiti says:

Hey grim, I started off in art doing graffiti and I still love it but I want to get into more art forms and experience different mediums and see what I like, I'm trying as many as I can to start what do you think are some mediums and art forms I should try right away, btw I love your videos man keep up the great content and phenomenal pieces

KONQR 805 says:

I'm just starting in graffiti and I was wondering if the name HOUND was the name of a legend or king? Just so I know if I can keep the name cause I've been hitting it up alot

It's Akile says:


Eirik Gjølme says:

Really enjoing these videos!:)

Eirik Gjølme says:

Really enjoing these videos!:)

on bekend says:

can you do a room tour?

Jay Snoddon says:

Really excited to see the finished product grim! Keep up the good work!

Justin Rozario says:

That sounds very interesting. Never worked with oil paint before cause I feel its very technical and sticky 😛😛😁😁

DJSPECTA 115 says:

What song do u use in the background I shazamed it it tells me that its symbol in rap by logik provider but he raps over it and kinda ruins it with his harsh voice plz tell me where u got that beat cuz I can't find it

Art&Vlog says:

amazing! I just found your channel and I subscribed ASAP! great job and tips. I'm an indipendent self-taught "artist" from Italy so those suggestions you gave are very helpful!

Justin Rozario says:

don't use acrylic that much. kind of curious to know what is the reason behind covering up the palate with clean film
:3 dust proof?

stevesartstudio says:

Great video Grim! Its good to see a graffiti artist thats good at traditional art as well. awesome work! Cheers man!

donkey mong says:

cool video man keep it up

Giovani San Juan says:

I can just see him in state fairs selling spray painted shirts and caps XD

rly big dong says:

im not watching this vid all thy way through cuz im f in tired

Dillon Nicholas says:

The smile on Jon's face when he opened the package makes me happy. (Btw Jon I've been watching for a little bit and I love your videos I've learned a lot from them) can't wait for the stream tonight!

MyNameIsAnUnderstatementMovedChannels says:

Amazing video! ❤

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