Review: Kuretake Black Ink 60 & Sumi Ink 60

A comparison of Kuretake Black Ink 60 vs Sumi Ink 60. They are also known as the Zig Cartoonist ink. They are marketed as manga drawing inks.

Text review BLACK INK 60

Text review SUMI INK 60

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Suzala Suzala says:

can the black 60 be thinned with water so that you can do shading?

Samermc9 says:

Hmmm, I would get these inks but Im not very comfortable with inks, I tried them and they act weirdly (its toooooooo good at wet in wet, which makes it a bad thing bcs Im becoming more experienced in watercolor and my watercolor doesnt spread as crazy xD)

Btw, I also have bought the Sketches Pro app, its so sooooo good my god xD But I wish that it was compatible wit the Pencil by 53, its so sad :(((((

Tachi Chin says:

Hey Teoh! Just asking, if I could use these ink to refill my Pentel brush pen?

Suzala Suzala says:

are you mind reading me, ir stalking my amazon account? two brands of sumi ink arrived at my front door two days ago. lol thanx for the review anyways- always the best

Sher bear says:

Thanks for a good review on the two types of ink. the black ink 60 seems like it dries fast and holds up good also. thanks for sharing

Milena Brandão says:

Thabk you, Teoh! I always resort to your reviews whenever I want to decide what to buy! However, I feel that this time the Sumi ink didn't have a fair waterproof evaluation, because maybe it needed more time to dry.

Mari Akutsu says:

thanks you for reviewing the inks. I have been meaning to use these inks but was pretty much doubting to buy since they have a high price tag when I get it from retailers here.

also do be careful when you use your copics with inks or ink drawings . Sometimes the ink can stain the marker's tips and it can lead to further damage on the tips.

raosprid says:

For future ink reviews I would highly recommend using a variety of papers. The paper can affect how fast an ink dries and how waterproof it is. Also, the sumi ink was clearly not dry.

My favorite is Kuretake Bokujuu (green bottle that says 呉竹墨汁). It's very dark, waterproof and doesn't have a strong odor. It comes in big 360ml and 180ml bottles for only slightly more than $1 per ounce.

Sharon Nolfi says:

Do either of these inks have an odor? The sumi and Chinese inks I have tried have a bad smell. Great review, as always. Thanks.

SpiralHero says:

on the kuretake you actually pulled that from the copic with the waterbrush

Bang Napi says:

very nice review, teoh.. i'm wondering, is it ok to use the sumi ink & black ink 60 for fountain pens?

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