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Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for subscribing and if you haven’t yet, subscribe! 🙂 Here’s my first completed oil painting of 2016. I’m pretty proud of this one being as it is my largest hyperrealsim piece to date (36 x 24 inches).


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MASTER ARTIST Rachamin says:

Insane work sis!!! ARE YOU SELLING?

MASTER ARTIST Rachamin says:


Unifairy says:

super amazing

Sketchdraw says:

wowwww its a great job. A hug

DeacSpeaks says:

Amazing! I know you get asked this a lot, but do you make these for anyone to purchase?

Marco Lote says:

Amazing skills! You're a wonderful artist, but I guess you already know that. Looking forward for your next one. Again, well done. Loved it!

daven Orvan says:

if you didn't show a progression of your work I would've thought you took a picture and photoshopped it. your one of the best artist I've seen. the color is incredible and the drawing is scaled perfectly. this is next level art.

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