Realistic Portrait Drawing: Do’s & Don’ts

Hey guys, here are my personal tips to help you achieve a more realistic portrait!

tldr; always pay attention to the following: 1) proportions 2) shadows and highlights 3) details



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BLUE FLU says:

everytime i draw my proportions r very large my drawing looks very fat from the real one

skankhunt 42 says:

can u draw a male

Sheikh stupi says:

what is chart name

ItachiShakur_ says:

i just started attempting to draw, i'm literally in the middle of the left and right(i think)

Wherez Da Chainsaw? says:

lazahenya (tried to do lion king) IT'S THE BEST ARTIST IN DA WORLD

JJ Brothers says:

Where can you get a charcoal pencil

GmilionRBLX says:

can you make a cideo on how to draw a face from different perspectives?
like for example how to draw a face facing the side, looking down and etc

Denis Ro says:

for skin use a paintbrush to blend pencil proffesionaly

Chloe Erekson says:

am I the only one who tried to blow the eraser stuff off lol

JigglyPop Corn says:

how can I if I already fail doing a straight line

Hessa Rajput says:

U r awesome

Elizabeth Beigel says:

you're so talented

trickster 204 says:

My friend is like "Hey you're a good artist right?"
me:"yeah i guess"
friend:"can you draw this person for me?"
me:"Nope"*walks away

trickster 204 says:

After watching this video im like "Yeah i can do this i got this!"
After im done with my drawing im like "What kind of piece of crap did i just draw?"

Madison Mendoza says:

her DON'T side is my drawing's
her DO'S side is how I think my drawing's look

Tara Black says:

How do you draw do good well you are about 10 years older but how your just to good

Manimal ZYK says:

Great video, very informative! Would you recommend the grid method? I've only tried it once and I'm not sure if it's worth practicing in the long term …

willow w says:

This helped me so much! Thank you! :)

Mohamed Weam says:

Well u said where u put up makeup thats where the shadows are… i am a boy!!!

LisaLisaKenadoresher Vegetariansoylentgreen says:

thank you so much!

Sam says:

Hey another left-handed person!

Crybaby! At the disco l-/ In the Badlands says:

the 'donts' side still looks better than anything I've ever drawn

Elysia Du says:

Hah, the don'ts x)

Eva blah says:

You're so amazing, thanks so much, your Videos helped me a lot to improve my 'drawing skills' ❤

Gaelen McKee says:

Do you have any advice to get better with proportions? Recently I've been learning how bad my habit of working without reference is, so should I just keep working with references?

KidsForLife KidsForLife says:

Wow your really good do a guy

LiEz Frost says:

Your bad

Harley Quinn says:

where do you get the tortilions? (I probably spelled that wrong)Lol

Al Medoza says:

I do fuck you sign in hand too in shading without any intention :D

Al Medoza says:

hey there 🙂 new subscriber of yours . I'm here because i have posted my drawing on iG . and the artist i draw requested that he wants the copy . I already make a mess on the original copy because I got tired of it and didnt expect that he like it. Now im trying to draw a new one but it wasnt the same anymore . grrr interested to learn techniques from you . godbless

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