REALISM CHALLENGE: Drawing the iPhone 7

Wanna borrow my headphones? Here, just plug them into the- oh…

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Andere Anleitung finden?
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Ricecake 123 says:

Just because iPhone 7 has no headphone jack doesn't mean it's poop. I think iPhone 7 is the best phone so far.

Mercury says:

What is that????.

‫לוטן מילר‬‎ says:

That drawing was literal SHIT

Nellie VDS says:

Ohh, I laughed sooo hard at that. I love Samsung myself. 😂

steaky snake says:

At least iPhones don't explode!

Darth Apples says:

i couldnt tell which key was real at the start at first…

PikaTale says:

10/10 would rate again. I love this youtuber so much XD

ThatGuyFromGallifrey says:

But I will still watch your videos.

ThatGuyFromGallifrey says:

You failed

ThatGuyFromGallifrey says:

Please tell me this was an early or late April Fools!!!!!!

Vlexan says:

The thumb nail got me

gene lefebvre says:

What is that!

chris emms says:

I laughed so hard lmao😂is it bad that at first I actually thought you were gonna draw it 😶

tyler patrick says:

youre ignorant

Kayranis says:

Best video on Youtube

Tara Taylor says:

what that's no iphone

JDog13524 says:

I was so confused so I went to rewatch the video then in the middle of the video I just burst out laughing

Maztrix says:

Looks about the same anyone agree?

Pyro says:

haha i just got it when you finished i thought you were just doing the textures first

Cheshire& Midnight says:

What can I say?
Fuck you.

dolebiscuit says:

1273 people bought a piece of shit.

BlrHD says:

I sat there going Hm? what is that? Then at the end I was like oooooohh it's a shit. It's a shit.

Gene Ebright says:

Android is better

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