Pencil drawing timelapse: Eye drawing ‚MONOCHROME‘ – Hyperrealistic art

Medium used: Charcoal (generals 2B, 4B, 6B) + Graphite (Steadtler 2H, 2B, 4B, 7B, 8B)

Complete drawing:

Music credits: Clubbed to death by Rob Dougan (Matrix Soundrack)

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E Mitzz says:

Did you use charcoal and graphite?

PJJ BOSS says:

the white how did you get it what eraser you used?

heyimsarah says:

Gosh this is gorgeous

Shotsfromabove says:

You deserve more followers!!!!!!!

Mia and Harriet says:

I'm scared of the music because I saw a scary advert when I was a child and this was the music to the advert

Dhruv Patel (DearDhruv) says:

I kinda started it !!!  Then left it. It's keen eye in my eye.

NicciNockynoo says:

What did you use to blend in the graphite? I don't know if it's just the paper I'm using, but when I try to blend something, I always get this grainy effect, and when I try to add in some detail I can never get a crisp line, it's always got like a powdery look to it if that makes sense. I was just wondering if there're any tips to get over this? Is it the pencil I'm using or do  I have to use some special technique? Anyway amazing video btw, wish I could do this 

Shelden Caudill says:

Very Cool! That is amazing! :)

Sebastian Michaelis says:

This is a pice of art <3

Bleu Rose says:

This is really good, it's drawn on a really big scale which makes a lot more easier to do and the difficult details are blown up and made easy and simple good tactic, also is that a black and white filter?
But well done! Keep up the good work you have talent :3

Kishan Naik says:

amazing Sachin .. 

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