My Japanese Sumi-e Inking Tools & Other Bits!

As I’ve not felt too great lately I’ve been editing older videos that I filmed during a better time, so here’s a bit of an long one showing you my ‚Inking Box‘ .

I do have a ton of multiliners too, so its not everything in here that’s exclusively what I ink with, but I just enjoy this box so much ♥

I filmed this spontaneously after refilling my Pentel Brush Pen.

Again, warning for anyone sensitive to syringes!

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☂ List of products (for you to look up!)
Water brushes (Type into eBay and look for Chinese suppliers)
Yidege Japanese Ink –
Bill Buchman Zen Brush
Sumi-e brushes (eBay)
Syringes (Both were given to me by other artists – eBay and a pharmacy)
Faber Castell Technik eraser
Sakura Koi travel set
Winsor & Newton Gold, White and Indian inks
Diamine Inks (35ml)
Really Useful Box – 2.5l and a 0.7l

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fuwafuwa wata says:

Lovely video Jellie! Btw the black ink is Chinese, bc there's no hiragana, that symbol u thought was け was not because the first line was split into two it looked a bit like: 'it' not 'け'

Pickles says:

is having a waterbrush filled with water damaging to the brush in any way?
Some people say not to store it with water inside because it'll damage it, but honestly I see so many people that just carry them around with water inside the reservoir.

Joe Giovanetti says:

I live in China and all the brushes u shows are chinese and here cost really nothing, when u mention the prices u pay make me cry

bea ali says:

You are amazing! And so many times you videos inspire me to draw and kinda get out of that artist block!

hansendesigns says:

Riggers are called that bc they were 4 painting the riggings on ships bitd

Echo In The Mirror says:

that water brush with ink you can clean it with warm water so the ink melts but its just incase if you did not know😃

Alaylaria says:

Fun fact. That particular type of brush is called a rigger because they were used for painting the rigging on ships, which needed lots of thin, tiny lines. 😀

Ya Boi Sullivan says:

Have you tried the slightly larger Winsor and Newton inks?
They don't have the cute little boxes, but its really opaque and it was only a little bit more here in my local shop, maybe 10 or 20 pence at most.

nerdieone1 says:

What's with the trigger warning?

x.EmoWithASmile.x says:

When jellie mentioned the wolf hair my heart skipped a beat I was that shocked!

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