Ink Review: Take-Sumi (Pilot Iroshizuku series)

Here’s the Take-Sumi (Bamboo Charcoal, 竹炭) black ink from the Pilot Iroshizuku series of ink. This ink is designed and made in Japan by Pilot for use in fountain pens.

Text review:

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racerx1326 says:

what inks do you recommend for archival properties and water resistance?

Ceme612 says:

I never thought to use this water based. I love this in my Vintage Esterbrook SJ with my oblique stub nib on white and ivory paper. Thanks for the review.

Dee Dee says:

That Noodler's feathered badly.

Shirley Covey says:

Thanks for applying water over the inks……good lesson!

Troutticus says:

I just discovered your channel and watched about 10 of your videos. I'm a huge fan of your artwork! Definitely subscribing for more

PositivelyNice says:

Thanks for being honest about the non-archival properties. I have 3 of these Iroshizuku inks and I regret them because I got them under the impression that they are fairly water-resistant from many rave reviews. Unfortunately, these beautiful inks have zero of that property; literally disappeared with a squirt of water. These inks are beautiful nonetheless and flow very well indeed.

Samermc9 says:

Wait one question, were you able to read the letters written in Japanese? Bcs I know someone who could read and speak Japanese and he said he can get a basic understanding of Chinese text bcs of the kana. Just wondering :O

Nancy Naveen says:

That was a comprehensive review. I was waiting for it. Thank you !

Vu Viet Anh says:

Hi Teoh, I'm still struggling to find a sketchbook that is nice to use with ink – preferably smooth surface, a5 sized sketchbook.

What's your trusty choices? I have seen most of your reviews but still haven't been able to come to a conclusion

Kich 6 says:

Could the shading you mentioned on the first sample writing with the Take Sumi have been from the shape of the pen nib rather than the ink?

Kate The Sleepy Teacher says:

I have this ink in the very small bottle 🙂

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