Hyperrealistic Painting – Part 1 W.W #57

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Painting Info
Artist:Jon Grim
Title: No Name Yet
Size: 40″ x 30″
Mediums: Oil
W.I.P or Done: W.I.P
Model: Powdah https://www.instagram.com/powdah/
Featured artists
Links: https://www.instagram.com/neverabandonship/
Artist: Neverabandonship
Title: Kingfisher
Size: 20″ x 16″
Mediums: Acrylic, Spray Paint
W.I.P or Done: Done
Links: https://www.instagram.com/davidmondul/
Artist: David Mondul
Title: Bloo Ballz
Size: –
Mediums: Photography
W.I.P or Done: Done
Links: memiart.bigcartel.com
Artist: Memiart
Title: Dad
Size: –
Mediums: Oil
W.I.P or Done: Done
Want to share your painting WIP (work in progress)? Then post it on my Facebook wall or use the #ABWIP to send it to my Instagram or Twitter either way just be sure to include the info below.

Link: (Optional)
Titile :
W.I.P or Done:

—————————— Music —————————–
Music by: https://soundcloud.com/nicperrault

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Gerald Vargas says:

Dat music

Josh Holsopple says:

What was your favorite drawing/art piece when u did comic book art? Favorite piece since you started oils? Can u show us the images?

JesseJames says:

Nice grog in the backround


your right about a lot stuff, you got the paint down, but honestly man, i hope you start to care less of youtube, and paint more, you got lots of potential but your stuck in this machismo, nude woman pondering graffiti phase that you need to pass….also wrinkly old men(is it that fascinating?)…a million videos of such stuff. not bad but seriously, artist to artist you need to just go conceptual and you'll kill it. any which way! all the best.

Rob Cartwright says:

I consider myself an artist in other mediums, but have just started painting traditionally. I noticed when you started the painting in this video, it looked like you had very little paint on your palette. How do you know how much of one color you need to mix up to finish an entire painting, and if you run out, how do match the color you've run out of?

Hues says:

jon fucking grim i am wearing my bombing science tee and you just made my day

Sion Graff says:

Where can I find that beat? I looked in his SoundCloud but I couldn't find it. By the way, great work!

Bad Banana says:

Oh, i'm not wearing a shirt… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

iRAWT Designs says:

Good luck on the canvas Grim, that looks like its certainly going to be a challenge. I'm lookin forward to the update vid on the progress!

Skatelog says:

I dont even wear a shirt xD


Jon. have you ever made your own panels/stretched your own canvas?

HOTROD674958 says:

Hey grim I'm 14 and I was wondering what age did you start taking fine art more serious

Manija Sidiqi says:

And grim if u reply to me it would make my year!

Manija Sidiqi says:

0:33 "That shirt u got on it looks fine" LMAO YEET I don't got a shirt on I'm in bed!

Meleana Giorgio says:

1 Thanks man! 2 same feeling with oils when i was a kid, now i love it! Awesome progress so far

Nigma 32 says:

coming out real good bro!! good thing you went big. Im currently oil painting on a big as wall and honestly its so much fun! ill tag you on ig so you can see


Mesmerized each and every time by your paintings

Joey Ro says:

Great vid man. Digging the new "feel" and Looking forward to this painting man. Gotta send me some sneak peaks lol

Wemfs says:

Can't wait to see the finished painting, Grim.

Esperanza L says:

awesome work! You've improved so much from when you started this channel c:!

Samo Dimitrije says:

I would really love to get into painting but i don't have money and i can only get one shot with something,i don't have money for more paint or the next canvas

HeySight says:

Jokes on you i dont wear shirts

Gren says:

Tryna be lazy with the small canvas, smh, never heard of such laziness in my life.
The video was really good man, looking forward to this hyperrealistic painting.

Kings says:

Really loving the quality level you have brought this series to. Seeing it grow is such a joy. Great work as always Jon!

s0metim says:

Ure paintings are fking awesome man keep up the good work

Opal Fuzion says:

yo grim, I really want to get into art and I've tried but I'm really impatient and I get frustrated when I can't seem to draw what I envision in my head :/ got any tips ?

graff_ mobs says:

jo man your the best with this and you give good advise

whea7us christ says:

grim take testosterone to make to your voice deeper😂

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