Hyper Realistic painting with spatula – ( pintura contemporânea) fabiano Millani

Learn how to make hyper realistic paintings
video lessons with Fabiano Millani http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-780528600-video-aula-de-pintura-fabiano-millani-_JM
Email: fabianomillani@gmail.com

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Autumn Conner says:

I am an inspiring oil painter that wants to do hyper realism. Any tips I would greatly appreciate it. You are a fantastic painter, I really do enjoy your works.

Aryaman Singh says:


Jhon Axel Berroz Beraza says:

no subes algunas fotos o imagenes de sus dibujos

Leonardo Andreoni says:


AKS 1971 says:

wouww ??????????

Oguzhan Kaya says:

12 dislike Bob Ross fans

Manuel Saldivar (Manny) says:

You my friend must be able to see things the normal eye cannot see. Incredible work.

Magnum Cortez says:

Realmente suas pinturas são magnifica e serve de inspiração para mim. Nos 3:25 de video mostra que vc esta usando uma imagem de referencia, poderia me passar essa imagem?

AndresRock Muñoz Narvaez says:


Claudia Patricia Portilla Chapal says:

Solo Dios te pudo haber dado tanto talento ?? simplemente el mejor de estos tiempos

LukzHenrike says:

sem palavras cara!

Fabián A. Manríquez says:

Eres un inspiración gigantesca, Gracias.

rakuserghei says:

The video is edited. Like..If it's not..I'm mind fucked

Beryl Jones says:


Fabrício Muniz says:

muito lindo seus trabalhos show!!!

Endly Anantha says:

wow, the fire look realistic. i always want to draw a dark room filled with many dead candles, but only a single candle is lit among (in the middle of) the dead candles, but always having trouble drawing the fire. :(

Martin Atehortua says:

Que talento tan impresionante Dios bendiga esas manos..

julio cesar martinez cardona says:

espectacular ,q realismo, me encanta

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