Hyper-realistic oil painting on canvas – fabiano Millani (mother )

Encomende a sua 😉 http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-797733788-video-aula-de-pintura-fabiano-millani-_JM
E-mail: fabianomillani@gmail.com
fabiano millani

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Fernando mendoza florentino says:

muy buenas tarde gracias ante d mano por hacer los videos k haces quisiera saber por favor q clase de pinceles usas para difuminar detalles etc gracias

Mauricio Freire says:

Muito bom, alto nível. Um dia chego lá.

Veeru Chaudhary says:

excellent sir you painting god gift painting jay Shi Radhay

Raj Sekhar says:

you should have been born in the renaussa period ….the old master would have come to u and learnt painting from u,u could have been the verochio for leonardo.great fan of your work.

Fab Balla says:

Why do realistic drawings always start with the eyes? @-@

Cornel Moldovan says:

can i download your dvd?
if you have a link, i'm ready to pay for it

Danang B. Setiawan says:

Amazing ! How long does it take to finish painting, from start to end?

Anish Jarag says:

I am really a great fan of your work #Sir
Hatsoff to your talent

shendy ristandi says:

how can you make accurate scale without any skatching? its a big wow for me.. u r great

tati says:

What is the song called?

Mauricio Artes says:

muito perfeitos os seus trabalho Fabiano. lindo mesmo
mais antes de iniciar sua pintura você passa alguma coisa na tela, faz alguma preparaçao nela ?

Roxana Santiago says:

waooo Millani, todo pintas sin previo dibujo? eres Increíble ! cuando pintaré como tú …

ifoxino says:

haha painted with white color and than played back in timelapse 🙂 but amazing idea hahaha

Orisnaldo Sousa says:

Millani, esta video Aula é a que você preparou o DVD para ser vendido ?

Christine Reynolds says:

really incredible talent…..wonderful

Simonetta Rossi says:


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