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Andere Anleitung finden?
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Marco Lopez says:

what paper do you use?

TheOfficialLamont says:

Epic / Dope !!

Agui007 says:

Definitely your finest work Jeffrey! 😀👏👏

peedogill says:

this is amazing pl can u describe how to draw white hair ?

Darryl Jackson says:


Saravanan n says:

sir could u do tutorial on how to draw grey hair like in this video,it would be greaful for us

Glass Of milk says:

Dang, how do you get it so hyperrealistic!!!!

Tony Illustrations says:

bro i am an artist but HOLY SHIT (Excuse my language) thats very perfect. you just gave me every reason to continue drawing.

Khawaja Humza says:

Plz upload the tutorial

Isabel says:

Holy sit dude, this is amazing. You are such an inspiration. Do you draw everyday, and how long?Also, how are you so neat?! Whenever i used to do hyperrealistic drawings, I would either have to spray fixative on areas I finished, otherwise I'd smug it later. P=

Itachi Uchiha says:

Man you've done it again. Keep up the good work. 👍👍

Austin Harlow says:

never seen anyone draw better skin texture than you. EVER. you are really talented. hope you're finding a way to live off drawing portraits.

madrid Hamma says:

great job bro i learn lot of things from u thank so much (-:

Ida Daniati says:

you are master

lyn78sez says:

wow wow wow.

Agam Johar says:

Amazing, you're an inspiration!!

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