Time-lapse drawing of Emmanuel Adebayor.

Medium used: charcoal and graphite

Time: 100+ hours

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kdj long says:

OH MY GOD! you're amazing! your drawings are amazing! Please keep doing it and never stop. I love your youtube channel and instagram <3 you're awesome

Agui007 says:

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed a human printer in unbelievable action! Lol formidable work Jeffrey ;)

Khawaja Humza says:

Hey nice tutorial n im a big fan of urs bro, plz jeffry upload some realistic beard tutorial, i really mess up with this thing n i want to know all about beard drawing, not speed drawing plz

TheOfficialLamont says:

Your Amazing

DK Art says:

Amazing! tnx for sharing your talent/skill

Ömer Faruk Dağlı says:

amazing one

Alpha Male says:

Wow unbelievable, did you use graphite powder for his skin?

Abner box says:

:0 es hermoso

Lamar Henderson says:

love it bro

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