Hyper-realistic drawing „Fabiano Millani“ (painting hand)

Hyper-realistic drawing „Fabiano Millani“ (painting hand)

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P4to0 P4to0 says:

al principio pensé que esa era su mano, wow

karina prado says:

vc e incrível 😍💞

muamer medanovic tesla says:


Tiny Tiger (CTRPolar) says:

Excellent work! In the miniature it looked as if you were completing yourself with paint haha

tricker hgnis says:

This Indian man win Dubai 5 number plate for Dh33 million. Must watch video.. https://youtu.be/CbL_VF9JkJA

Sathish Kumar says:

Many you tube videos posted as hyper realistic but in realirty they isn't.But this is called Hyper realistic.outstanding

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