How to paint hyper realistic bubbles-acrylic painting timelapse

Hello guys, thank you for watching my how to paint, draw bubbles video, you can try this communication out trust me, it’s way to cool. You can also use the same technique in drawing with colored pencils mostly prismacolors. I used Acrylic paints on black A4 card, i hope you’all enjoyed the video and learnt something. Feel free to drop a comment and don’t forget to hit the like button and please share to keep supporting me.
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See you soon!!!!

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Corry S. says:

That is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!! Can it be done in watercolors, do you think??

hema raman says:

wow.really suberb

Herbalistics 9 says:

yeah, take time to paint one and talk. this is you tube and not a test to see if you can paint fast. we don' care, we came here to learn.

Duchess and The Beast says:

While you did a great job, I think there are way too many people that are confused by what a 'tutorial' actually entails.  This is a time lapse (which is very good).  A tutorial would be explaining and showing what you are doing.

Patricia Simmons says:

If you ever do this in a tutorial with a slowed down and expiation of which paint you are using I would love to paint this. It moves to fast and I can't see what you are doing since I am a beginner.
The bubbles are fabulous. Great speed paint. Even slowing it down could help a lot with a real time type painting.

Maureen Lippincott says:

you are amazing! But, the pace was way too fast for me. I would need a lot of time to grasp this. But, it was beautiful watching you paint!

Charley Art studio says:

awesome and creative 🙂 love the results

Sheryl Ketchum says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING!

merlo be like says:

Ive try it
it become perfect
amazing .. thk you

gisela alberto says:

q egoista deberias enseñar la tecnica paso a paso

Jose Enriquez says:

Can you do a slow tutorial please.

Christina Jimenez says:

While they are beautiful, this isn't a how to.

Corry S. says:

INCREDIBLE!! I too, would love to see a few done in real time.

mrscalifdreamer says:

Too fast. Not a tutorial, just watching some one else painting. No information.

Sejour Linguistique says:

amazing .keep on the good work.. and can you please tell me what brand of colors you are using

jerzeyzgirl03 says:

A slow tutorial would've been better for learning. I really love the way they came out..

Fouzia Adjailia says:

u r amazing <3

Neeraj Singh says:

vry fast ….nt usefull for me

Josiah Maangi says:

So cool..punguza speed.i want to learn.alafu hizo shines unaeka aje

Josiah Maangi says:

So cool..punguza speed.i want to learn.alafu hizo shines unaeka aje


garbage music.

Monika Martins says:

Wow! Moses Sabayi you are very talented!!! Liked and subscribed 😊

abc d says:

atleast one bubble deserves a slow tutorial step by step 🙁 please .. because these are sooo beautiful !!♡♡

Briarlightstar says:

What paper do you use in this video?

Kaitlyn Smith says:

This just made me smile x3

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