How to paint „chickens“ with sumi ink and watercolor

Paintings by Sumiyo Toribe during 6/9/13~6/16/13
sumi ink and watercolor on eight 15″x11″ watercolor papers
Timelapse video
Music by Steven Cravis
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john godbolt says:

Thank you for posting this, its wonderful to watch chickens being born from a paint brush. ☺

Sue Shanks says:

I hit the send button in the middle of my comment…sorry.
You captured the personality of each chicken & rooster with the way you posed them! Really like watching you paint, you make it look easy (it isn't…I've tried it, still practicing!)

Sue Shanks says:

Nice !  Amazing how you captured the personality of each chicken & rooster w

Sumiyo Toribe says:

Thank you for watching!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed this video ; )

Věra Kácelová says:

Fantastic work!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Sumiyo Toribe says:

chickens : )

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