How to Make Marbled Effect on Rice Paper with Sumi Ink and Water

I did some experiments of making marbled effects in a live workshop last week. While dropping in ink to water, something interesting formed, and I captured it before it could be disrupted — a perfect dragon in the middle of all the random swirls… Art is about knowing when to stop at accidental beauty. This was the last day of the five day workshop and three participants came from different countries and we really had a great time. If you are interested in attending the live workshop with me and Victoria please check our 2013 schedule:
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shamille724 says:

I found some ink at a thrift store, and I haven't used it for a while since I wasn't in my calligraphy class. But I think it's a little oily. Do you think it would work?

Oliver S. says:

Thank you for the demonstration! I like that you use felt to dry the rice paper and will try that in my next sumi water project.

livingsouljourney says:


alla eroshenko says:


Johanna Pilz says:

this is so cool!! 🙂 like it very much!

a wright says:

cool, i have to try this some time.

xAnimeReporter says:

Wow it actually looked like a dragon 😮 Too bad you ended up dropping it :/ Still, I love marble water art it's super fun! :D

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