How to draw dog fur – Hyperrealistic / Photorealistic pencil drawing

Keep your eye on the upper left corner to see which pencil I’m using at any given time. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching and please like, comment, subscribe and share. Thank you.

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Fla ke says:

beautiful work

Haritarth Bhardwaj says:

awesome drawing but what is electric eraser

The One and Only Dee Dee says:

I've been searching for the Davinci Brush that you are posting about….nr.6 and cannot find it anywhere online. Any more specific on that brush? thanks.

Betty Portillo says:

Awesome Drawing!  I really appreciate you sharing your methods and tools…

Ludmila Erharte says:

Loved you drawing! This is nice 🙂 I am trying to draw my gueneja pig, so she has a long and white fur but she is not looking white but grey on my drawing, ops. Can you help me please, have wold you draw in this case??? Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

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