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This pastel portrait took me about 20 hours to finish.

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Original photograph: Raul Chapa

Music provided by Youtube

Tools used:

-Soft pastels
-Pastel pencils
-Kneaded eraser
-Pen eraser
-Charcoal pencil

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Merrick Stark says:

This is awesome. I claim to be an artist but nothing I do even compares to any of this. My work looks like chicken scratch compared to this.

Jim Zarembka says:

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Ash Davis says:

Such amazing work!
Can I ask what paper you are drawing on?
Because it is holding the layers so well!

คณิต การสุวรรณ says:

Excellent! what's the brand of pastel pencil you drawn?

John Mark Tamano says:

without sketching the outline

hoainam tran says:

Your drawing is like a photo.

Avril Retief says:


Tuma maori says:

speechless. one love from Aotearoa

Agustin Cazares says:

Excelente trabajo!!! Muy motivante….Supe que eres de San Nicolas, Me podrías decir que tipo de soporte usas y donde lo puedo conseguir aquí en Monterrey?

Thales Silva says:


Anywhere says:

One of the best artists I have seen on YouTube.

Paul Anderson says:


Flynnfamily1 says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!

Leontine van vliet says:

this is amazing!!

Marcela Magris Fernandes says:

Parabéns, ficou muito perfeito! Eu me assustei porque ficou idêntico a uma das minhas Dálmatas.

gabby neko says:

was it oil pastels or chalk because u only say pastels im not sure which of the 2 u used

Vinod Pillai says:

and then it started barking.

Benjamin Heffernan says:

Apart from the beautiful and skilled work i also love the composition! Thanks for sharing. God bless.

sylvianblue says:

This deserves more views, and I for one would like to see a slower version – about two thirds slower so that I can see your process more clearly. Pretty please?

Noelle McAndrew says:

What pencils is she using ?

Wendi Smith says:

Wow! Beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Wendi :-)

camofirefly says:

amazing! but its not a How to video!

NANER says:

I have just became your fan!!
really good artwork

Paty Hernandez Sanchez says:

que marca de lapiz pasteles usas?
te ha quedado genial!! felicidades

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