How to Draw a Glass of Water – Hyperrealistic Drawing – Tutorial

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List of materials:

Mechanical pencil with 0.7mm, B lead
Mechanical pencil with 0.3mm, 2H lead
Light blue cardboard paper
Markers: Tombow Dual Brush
Markers: Promarker Letraset
White pastel: Primo Bianco Charcoal 59-W
Color pencils: Faber-Castell Polychromos
Color pencils: Prismacolor Premier
Kneaded eraser Prismacolor
MagicRub FaberCastell eraser
Fabriano white drawing paper, fine grain

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This tutorial shows How to Draw a Glass of Water – Hyperrealistic Drawing

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Lilibeth Hilario says:

make a tutorial please. about how to draw a portrait using color pencils.. please

Nana M. says:

Simply amazing OMG

Karen Knapp says:

awesome… :)

leila seeadahamed says:

damn,  and then there's me who struggles drawing a single straight line without ruler :/

Hayeon Lim (ORG) says:

Thank you!

Agui007 says:

Hi Leonardo you have a true talent for art and realism! Did you use a reference or because you have drawn for so long you know all the lighting angles?

Girish Man says:

I draw glass and i finish draw the glass in look real a glass with water THANK YOU ?

Jasmin König says:

thank you

Lavinia L says:

I know I've physically just seen him draw that – but that looks like a real, non-drawn glass. I am so amazed!

Linda Farkas says:

Hi do u got an Instagram?

Equine Equestrianlover c8 says:

Uh, I have similar pencils like the one he uses which are used for shading. (ect) And so the led of the pencils go from lighter to darkest, which makes the led pointy to dull. (If you know what I mean: The lighter pencils have the pointier led whiled the darker pncls have the more dull ones.) *Are those okay to use for drawing a glass cup? o3o 

10soula says:

Wow! You did a very good job! I tried drawing it without al the details. I don't have Facebook so I can't show you? I wish I could on comments! BRAVO!!

Abs Adelakun says:

Did u know that actual human beings can't do this

Djero Djero says:

What is the name of white pastel pencil?

katetube says:


LifeLoveDreamMusic says:

Do you have a model? I mean do you have an actual glass of water put in front of you while you draw or do you completely invent it?

Raihan Ali says:

would white crayola work?

C Mutt says:

I like that you have included a mention of the tools you are using! 

Mary Pat Allen says:

This is a great video. I show my art class and we try those highlights and shadows! 

Jitesh Kapade says:

can u recommend some drawing pencils which will easily available at stationery store….

kevin morales says:

really talented sir.
Can u do the same drawing but with lead pencils instead of color pencils?
Instead of using white can u do highlight with an eraser?
And can you do this on a white paper?
Thanks for doing these videos Ur awesome.
Keep it up.

The Blank Wall says:

Your accent reminds me of someone…

faris anwer says:


小南 says:

How can you know the reflection of the glass?

Bridgette Pham says:

XD it looked like u are drawing on the glass 

Leah Morales says:

Such fun to watch!  And to listen to.  I enjoy your enthusiasm! Thanks for all these helpful videos!

Lee Teranee says:

That's beautiful!

Rhea Ellace says:

I was wondering if you use references for your drawings? Do you have a real glass of water in front of you to refer to? Or do you just draw from memory?

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