How to Draw a City Street in One Point Perspective: Narrated

Learn a simple way to draw a City Street in One Point Perspective in this narrated art video.
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In this video I show you one way to draw a realistic City Street using One Point Perspective. For this drawing I used a thin black pen.

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Tom McPherson

Circle Line Art School

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Blockman Zan says:

Glad I'm not the only one I like drawing man-made structures.

jimarc jim says:

very beautiful ,

martin nolan says:

Very useful technique

Arif Azmi says:

you just amazing

DInesh Gediya says:

thankyou sir

DInesh Gediya says:

thanks sir

Jaida Franzen says:

its great help for homwork

Tanish Luthra says:

thank you for draw biuldin and i copy this and i draw and i see my brother and he like it thanks for draw buldin

CapuniVideos says:

You draw straighter than I do with a ruler…

Momo Gaming says:

what the difference between one point and three point perspective?

CPR Aero says:

This helped me so much with my homework thank u so much for posting this

saskey lawrence says:

tjank u very much this helped me alot in my art drawing i got an a+

Ji Delgado says:

525 000th view!!

Jliv Wann says:

Incredible talent

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